Ilhan Omar Releases a Bizarre Video About Patriotism - Which She Never Pronounces. What Was Going On?

[Screenshot from Ilhan Omar on Twitter,]
[Screenshot from Ilhan Omar on Twitter,]


You’re most likely familiar with the brouhaha over Trump’s tweets to freshmen left-wing congresswomen about going back to whence they came if they don’t love America.


The Commander-in-Chief’s Twitter posts were met with derision by many Democrats and some Republicans.

The great Michael Medved had this to say:

Others thought the move was ingenious — see here.

Perhaps in response to Trump’s derision, Ilhan Omar released a video Wednesday on what it means to be patriotic.

My response to the mini-movie is: Huh??

It’s a mess.

I’m not sure of Ilhan’s purpose or point. It’s as if she took some very strong cough medicine and decided to wax philosophic while drifting into a cerebral stupor.

Here are some of the contents of the bizarre post:

“[I]t is really important for people to stay vigilant and understand that patriotism (pronounced, oddly, as ‘patiorism’)
isn’t fully believing in a particular administration.”


Who has ever suggested that’s the definition of patriotism?


“True patriotism (pronounced, this time, as ‘patriism’) is about fighting for your country and its dignity and making sure that the citizens and the Constitution of the country is protected and uplifted.”

Then there was this headscratcher:

“Once we believe and protect a particular head of a country, then we lose sight of everything. And that is the biggest sign of trouble to come.”

If we believe a leader, we “lose sight of everything”? What in the world is she talking about? By her own rules here, we should then disbelieve her; otherwise, sight = lost.

And I can think of a lot bigger signs of “trouble to come.”

There was also this out-of-left-field idea:

“[M]y fear right now, and my biggest worry, is when I see people who say, ‘You can’t say anything about the president’.”

No one is saying that.


“[I]n a country that lives by a Constitution that protects the right to free speech, you should be able to criticize your president.”


“You should be able to expect more without fear.”

Was it Tylenol PM?

She also tried to clear up some “confusion,” which has never existed. Figure this one out:


“[I] hope this particular confusion that a lot of Americans are having — about where their allegiance should be — they need to remember that their allegiance is to the Constitution. Their allegiance is to their country.”

So there ya have it — tons of Americans are sittin’ around, sayin’, “Hey, wait a minute! Where’s my allegiance supposed to be again? I’m dumb as &$%@! and need to find a video…”

She makes it easy for ’em:

“Their allegiance is to its society, and it isn’t about the particular person that is the head of the country.”

As for the notion that one’s allegiance should be to the country, Ilhan might wanna address her own Minnesota district: It’s the #1 terrorist recruitment area in America (here).

As for speech, here’s something:

Ilhan’s video is a mystery. And it’s not encouraging — to say the least — that such a clip can be the product of an adult elected to make our laws.

What do you think? I look forward to your analysis in the Comments section.




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