A Man Accused of Rape at MSU Sues the School, Wins $725,000. His Accuser Sues, Too - She Gets $475K. What Are We Doing?



Here’s a bizarre story.

Michigan State University has settled two lawsuits as part of a sexual assault case — one with a former football player who claims he was falsely accused, the other with the girl who accused him.


The school paid both.

The woman went after the college because it “did not provide her adequate support services.”

As for the alleged assault: The chick maintains she was too intoxicated to engage in sexual activity, therefore she was victimized. However, video from the night in question shows her walking with a “steady gait” — no sign of debilitating drunkenness.

No charges were brought by law enforcement.

The school reopened the investigation and decided the dude was guilty.

But thanks to his lawsuit, the guilty decision’s been removed from his school record.

Now he can move forward into potential NFL glory– he was drafted by the Houston Texans but was delayed by the hoopla. Hence the suit.

And he’ll be running up and down the field with $725,000 in his (and his lawyer’s?) pocket.

But MSU forked out a giant chunk for the chick, too: She’s walking away with a cool $425,000.

So two people disagree with regard to an event. No evidence proves a crime was committed.

Both sue, both win.


From — it should be noted — a taxpayer-funded institution.


We’ve got some things to figure out in this society of ours.



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