Actress Alyssa Milano Compares Mike Pence to Heinrich Himmler, Spotlighting a Growing & Dangerous Revision of History

[Screenshot cropped from Twitter,]
[Screenshot cropped from Twitter,]


What do you do when you underestimate the high stakes of true evil? For some, you essentially deny the real terror of the Holocaust by comparing present-day American political figures to Hitler.


Actress-turned-political-tweeter Alyssa Milano (here) ornamented Saturday with a breathtaking post.

Her assertion? That Vice President Mike Pence’s Friday visit to a detention center at the border was tantamount to evil Nazi Heinrich Himmler surveying a WWII POW camp.

This, if I may say so, is a really bad thing:

An estimated 6,000,000 innocents died in the Holocaust. Men, women, and children were rounded up because of their bloodline and executed. Among other means, they were placed in gas chambers, cooked in ovens, shot, and used for shockingly cruel medical experimentation.

Border detention centers are placement centers for people breaking the law, knowing that the detention centers are there for people who break the law.

But to some people who — for an unknown reason — can’t process the notion that (not so) long ago, Adolf Hitler, Himmler, and others systematically set out to murder millions…

I can’t even finish that sentence. This entire trend is just too horrible to properly address.

Moral equivalence and the dumbing-down of a nation:

Uh, no. It’s not.

Not everyone responded with zero comprehension:


Here’s what Mike had to say, following his trip:


America has a problem at the border, and a problem with the border. Thus far, Washington hasn’t been willing to fix things.

I haven’t been to the detention centers, and I have no idea what issues there are in great need of attention.

But I do know the comparison of Trump or whichever contemporary U.S. official to Hitler warrants denouncement.

I’m unfazed by whatever someone may think about issues of government — we can all cheer and boo, and at the end of the day, to a fair degree, it’s only politics. But respectfully, I believe comparisons to genocidal maniacs are just beyond the pale.

Ignorance is a contagion. And spreading the notion that what happened in the past wasn’t so ghastly by suggesting what’s happening now is just as so…is a very dangerous thing.

I’ll close here with a statement from the United States Holocaust Museum in response to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s likening of border centers to Nazi concentration camps (here, here, and here):

“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum unequivocally rejects efforts to create analogies between the Holocaust and other events, whether historical or contemporary. That position has repeatedly and unambiguously been made clear in the Museum’s official statement on the matter – a statement that is reiterated and reaffirmed now.”

For more cold water to the face, witness the real horror of innocents in ovens via this link, which tells of the deaths of 1.32 million in only three months during 1942.




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