AOC Spends Her 4th of July Attacking America - Does It Serve as a Broader Sign of the Times?



There was a time when — if for no other reason than perhaps decorum — American legislators’ messages on Independence Day were something of the patriotic variety.


But things are changing — at least, it seems, on the left political flank.

As part of her 4th of July, freshman lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued her attack on detention centers at the border — alternated with, as RedState’s legendary streiff covered — a put-down of the patriotic display at the National Mall.

If I may say so, Alexandria appears to be developing quite the messiah complex. And she appears to be raging against, not only the detention centers, but policies supporting legal immigration.

In March, AOC lambasted the idea of a border fence as “medieval” and labeled the “crisis” as manufactured:

“Gotta love how the same folks who tolerate+ acquiesce to building a medieval wall along the entire US southern border as a (non-evidence based) solution for a ‘crisis’ that doesn’t exist are now suddenly concerned that pursuing a nat’l response to climate change is ‘unrealistic.'”

She might wanna heap some of that on the heads of Nancy, Chuck, and Barack — they were all in favor of 2006’s Fence Act (here).


On the 4th, Alexandria attacked the GOP and continued her crusade against the centers:

Of course, on the other side of being corroborated, people are speaking out against her claims.

Dan Crenshaw last week:

“Now she is saying that border patrol agents harassed her and forced migrants to drink out of toilets? This is insanity. This is not true. There is no one else corroborating these kinds of reports.

Two pastors — who toured El Paso facilities — also opposed her characterization. Read more here.

If the U.S. is engaged in actions which are less than agreeable to human rights, whistleblowers should certainly pucker up and puff.

But does it say something about the state of things that an elected leader of this nation spends their 4th of July attacking it? That strikes me as an indication of a cultural shift. And not a good one.

What do you think? Please let us all know in the Comments section.

And consider this as well, as delivered and expertly discussed by streiff:





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