Insane Argument Involving 2 Men Wielding a Bat & a Gun Explodes on the Subway. A Bystander Gets Fed Up (VIDEO)

[Screenshot from James Van Deusen,]


An insane situation on a subway train is making its may across the webisphere.


What in the world kinda world are we living in??

The altercation — courtesy of Instagrammer jamesvandeusen — involves an obviously indignant man holding a wooden baseball bat, rippin’ a man holding a silver revolver a new one.

Bold move.

And it’s all right there in the open. Like two guys standing outside after church, fussing at each other.

“I’m telling you, it’s postmillennialism! That’s the key to the rapture!” “No! Historic Premillennialism! I ain’t fightin’ the Mark of the Beast!”

Except with deadly weapons.

And F words.

The man with the gun seems exceptionally calm. At one point, he identifies himself as law enforcement.

BatDude is crunk:

“Stay where you’re at. Respect my f***ing bat! … You’re threatening me! … I have no idea who you are! You’re f***ing with me!”

GunGuy just stands there, with the calmness and posture of a man in his boxers asking his wife if there’s any peach cobbler left.

“I just said — I’m a police officer. You’re under arrest.”

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Morning commute turned into a gun fight

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What’s additionally crazy is a third man — who’s hangin’ about freakishly close to the action for no apparent reason, the gun and bat nekkid as the day they were born.

Finally, the professional-looking passenger — who’s donning a Reservoir Dogs-type suit — walks over to the door. And hilariously, the look on his face says something to the effect of, “Oh, brother. These two goobs again. More guns and bats and potential murder. Just another Thursday. Here we go. I gotta get a car. Dorks.”

The incident surely didn’t occur in LA: If someone pulls out a gun anywhere, everybody freaks out, the cops show up, and pow pow pow!

In Alabama, by contrast, there’s open carry. Like Gunsmoke.

But in New York? All bets are off.

The Reservoir Dogs guy videos the situation.

If only the man with the gun — if he is indeed a cop — could’ve been in charge in Arizona recently. He seems particularly versed in de-escalation. The Glendale officers absolutely were not (here).

Whatever the backstory, the video’s pretty incredible. You never know what you’re gonna encounter out and about; there’s nuts everywhere. Like here, here, and here.


And like in Congress.



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