Snide Illinois Senator Tells Her Concerned Gun-Owning Constituent: Maybe I'll Just Confiscate Your Guns



If you’re in Illinois and own a gun, State Sen. Julie A. Morrison wouldn’t mind just snatchin’ it outta your hand and keepin’ it.


How ya like THEM apples??

At a public meeting sponsored by five Democratic senators, she listened to the concerns of a firearm-owning citizen and then threatened him.

The man said, “Senator Morrison, you have a Senate Bill 107 to take away some of my automatic firearms.”

Julie replied, “To clarify, I’m not really taking your gun away from you; you just can’t buy any new ones.”

This already seems so childish; and it’s what’s happening when legislators get crunk: “I’m going to tell you what you can and cannot have.”

He volleyed:

“You want me to turn them over to the state police unless I pay a fine for each firearm and register them, then I get to keep them. So, if I get to keep it — if I pay a fine and register it — then, how dangerous is it in the first place and why do you need to ban it all? Why do you need to try to ban my semi-automatic firearm?”

Good point — if it’s okay for him to have it, what’s the point of the fine? A bit of the ol’ revenue-generatin’ government machine?

Then Julie got all mom-to-the-child on the dude. Snippy mama, take it away:

“Well, you just maybe changed my mind. Maybe we won’t have a fine at all. Maybe it’ll just be a confiscation and we won’t have to worry about paying the fine.”

Here’s the official synopsis for Senate Bill 107:

Makes it unlawful for any person to knowingly possess an assault weapon 300 days after the effective date of the amendatory Act, except possession of weapons registered with the Department of State Police in the time provided. Provides exemptions and penalties. Effective immediately.


107 defines “assault weapon” as “a semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a large capacity magazine detachable or otherwise and one or more of the following…”

Then it provides a very long list of options that can be seen here.

The NRA’s notes some of the guns that could be banned under the law:

  • Any semi-automatic rifle or handgun that can accept a detachable magazine greater than ten rounds in capacity and has one or more features, such as a protruding grip for the support hand; a folding, telescoping, or thumbhole stock; a handguard; or a muzzle brake or compensator.
  • Any semi-automatic shotgun that has one or more feature such as the ability to accept a detachable magazine; a folding, telescoping, or thumbhole stock; or a protruding grip for the support hand.
  • Any fixed magazine semi-automatic rifles or handguns greater than ten rounds in capacity and fixed magazine semi-automatic shotguns greater than five rounds in capacity.
  • Any shotgun with a revolving cylinder.
  • Any part or accessory that would configure a firearm as above.

Watch the video of the townhall meeting above.

And pay attention to her attitude. Listen to her tone of voice, check out her facial expression, her body language. It’s the first day of class, and she’s showing you she’s a smart-aleck and she’s gonna be your worst nightmare as a teacher. A grown man tries to have a discussion over a law that will affect him, and that’s what she gives back. He’s her constituent, aka her job. And this was so important to him, he set aside his evening, got in the car and drove over…and waited to talk to her. And that’s her response.


In my opinion, that’s not the kind of person who should be elected to office.

But I guess I’m wrong — a bunch of people applauded her.

Please let me know what you think of the video — and the bill — in the Comments section.



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