Bill Maher Rubs Their Noses in It: Following a Stunning Verdict in the Oberlin Case, SJWs Learn 'There's a Price to Pay'



On Friday, Bill Maher said social justice warriors are discovering that dumbness has consequences.

Dumbness = so-called political correctness.

Bill was discussing the story of Oberlin College.


Here’s what happened in Ohio, as per The Atlantic:

On November 9, 2016, three black students at Oberlin College made a late-afternoon trip to Gibson’s Bakery, a small, family-owned business near campus that has been serving the community at its present location since 1905. Like countless undergraduates of all races, classes, genders, and generations, they hoped to leave with alcohol but weren’t yet of age to purchase it legally.

A fake ID was produced and rejected.

In the moments that followed, Allyn Gibson, the owner’s son, would try to keep the fake ID, pursue the male student who had used it as he fled to the back of the store, chase him into the street yelling “Shoplifter!,” and detain him, even as the other students, who were women, attempted to intervene on behalf of their friend.

From The Daily Wire:

When police arrived, Gibson was being physically attacked by (Jonathan) Aladin and the two other students who accompanied him to the store – Cecelia Whettstone and Endia Lawrence.

All three students pleaded guilty. Aladin acknowledged race was not a factor in his treatment.

Back to TA:

A police report accused them of trying to shoplift two bottles of wine. Many classmates jumped to the conclusion that they’d been mistreated and launched protests almost immediately.

“Chants of ‘No justice, no peace’ reverberated across campus from early morning into late last night as hundreds of protesters lined West College Street, calling for a boycott of Gibson’s Bakery,” the student newspaper reported. “According to a flyer distributed by protesters, this incident was far from Gibson’s first instance of alleged racial bias.”


The boycott reportedly caused sizable damage to the business.

Fast-forward to Thursday, when the school was hit with $33 million in punitive damages as per a jury (see note below).

Way to go, SJW’s.

Back to Bill, who offered this:

“Social justice warriors … are finally finding that maybe there’s a price to pay [for political correctness].”

“Political correctness” is an ironic term, of course, because it represents a very particular point of view which supports some things and condemns others — and it’s one which prefers the few over the many…which is the opposite of political.

NeverTrump conservative pundit Charlie Sykes told Bill he’s tired of it:

“I’m tired of the term ‘political correctness’. It’s like ‘performative wokeness.’ In our mono-culture, we have to find a way to humiliate, to drive people out that we disagree with, and I will tell you that there’s a huge backlash. … The folks on the Right were bailing on liberalism. … They’re basically saying that, ‘The Left wants to destroy you, they hate you, they want to take away your rights, they want to destroy your business.’ Unfortunately, you have anecdotes like this that make it that plausible.”


The host asked a good question:

“How do we get mainstream liberals to stand up to that faction?”

Bill’s long spoken against political correctness, and consistently championed free — that would be, offensive — speech (like here).

There was a time when Bill Maher was a particular opponent to conservatives. But given the Democratic Party’s move away from liberalism and further into rights-ripping leftism, he sometimes stands as a shouter of liberty-soaked reality against a cacophony of fascistic insanity.

Might he be someone who eventually Walks Away?

From the Herald Sun:

Gay New York hairdresser Brandon Straka was of the Left. Now he says it is exactly what he once opposed – thuggish, intolerant, race-obsessed, oppressive. So in a video that’s gone viral he says: “Walk away.”

Check out one of my favorite guys who walked away — Dave Rubin.

Thanks to social justice warrior goofiness, Gibson’s Bakery is walking away…with $33 million.

And Bill’s right — social justice has consequences. In this situation, perhaps it was actual justice.


[Note about the amount awarded: $11 million had previously been decided upon for actual damages. Ohio law prohibits punitive damages from being more than twice that of the actual; therefore, total damages come to $33 million.]



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