Partiers at DC's Pride Parade are Asked About Government, Islam & Gay Rights. Do Their Responses Represent a Generation?

[Screenshot from Daily Caller,]
[Screenshot from Daily Caller,]


I doubt many people would suggest a Gay Pride parade’s a great place to take the temperature of the nation.


Yet, in watching a montage of Saturday’s DC rally compiled by The Daily Caller News Foundation, I can’t help but think the collection of clips is a pretty good representation of a generation.

And the reason is ignorance.

If ignorance was liquid, we’d better all be wearing floaties.

Because you can only tread water for so long — feelin’ that cramp? You’re gonna be sittin’ at the bottom soon. Put on your mask. Look for pennies. Just kidding — it’s a mile deep. Sayonara.

Video host Matt Miller explains:

“I’m here at Pride 2019 in Washington DC, and it smells like weed. There’s naked people everywhere. We’re asking what people think the biggest threat to gay rights is in America today.”

For the sake of simplicity, in my outline of some of the responses here, I’m attributing quotes to groups as if they were individuals. It’s also unclear which responses were to which question. But just go with it.

So what’s the biggest threat? Right off the bat, from the celebrants:

“[T]his administration today.”


“I think the biggest threat is the Trump administration.”

Matt gets more specific:

“What do you think the bigger threat to gay rights is in America — radical Islam or Donald Trump?


Drum roll…

“I think we all know the answer to that one. The big orange thing sittin’ in the White House. Yeah — him.”

Two girls provide some real doozies:

“Uh, the f***in’ Republicans. Trump. Trump and his administration have cast a multiple threats [sic] on our, an entire race. Honestly, Trump is a white supremacist, and all he cares about is white people and White Power. White straight people. … He gives no f***s about anyone other than white people. … The White Power that involves this country is disgusting. I think White Power should be released from this country, and I think Trump and his administration perpetrate a system of racism that, if institutionalized, and black people and people of color are marginalized and really just like criminalized for no reason. And I think it’s all because of Trump and his administration. … F*** Republicans. Basically, they don’t want to see equal rights, they don’t want to see anyone thriving…per their regular day. They just wanna see White Power. They believe in white supremacy. That’s it.”

I have a short letter to write:

Dear Chick,

You’re describing a world long gone far wrong. Donald Trump’s been president for a little over two years. Our bureaucratic system doesn’t move to enslave the masses at that breakneck speed.


It should be noted that Donald Trump mentored Def Jam founder and major urban cultural influencer Russell Simmons, who is black. Trump wrote the forward to Russell’s book, Life and Def: Sex, Drugs, Money, and God.

It should also be noted that New York’s eccentric real estate billionaire was world-famous for decades and perpetually praised in rap songs by black entertainers as an icon of success, with no robust allegations of racism. All of this, of course, before he put an “R” next to his name. But those girls wouldn’t know that, because of their age. And that ignorance thing.

In response to Matt’s query, a woman wearing only pasties over her nipples at first admirably admitted her ignorance but then still went for it:

“I live under a rock; I would probably say Trump.”

One group described their reason for attending, followed by the culprit for the downfall of gay rights:

“We’re here to celebrate our identities — our sexual identities, our gender identities, our expression. … The police, first and foremost. Our current political establishment.”

Some white people dropped science on the real evil living among us:

“What we need is people in power — not just the President, but, like Congress — to stand behind, like, people who aren’t just straight white men. Yeah. Straight white men, for sure.”


And a girl touted, essentially, anarchy:

“I’m here as an anti-capitalist, as anti-police, anti-military, I’m here to celebrate the original meaning of “pride.” So I’m here protesting the cops in the parade, I’m here protesting the military in the parade. And I’m here celebrating my identity and my friends as well.”

Though it’s obvious, I feel I should point out that without police or government, anarchy ensues but doesn’t remain. In a void, strength will rise to power — otherwise known as government. And in the meantime, the weak will be trampled. Any girl who thinks she’d be better off without the police is not thinking straight, to say the least. If you’re the biggest, strongest person with the most guns, the most valuables to trade for services, and the most resources for a military rise to power, maybe you dream of a day when the structure dissolves. Otherwise, better hope the police hang in there.

Also, if you can’t help your wishes nonetheless, start making them in Chinese — without the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, you’ll need to know it.

I’d love for Matt to have asked her: Do you know what capitalism is? Would her reply have been, “A system based on a free-market economy in which an individual may own his or her own business”? That’s the correct meaning of the word, and the “original meaning of pride” is a feeling of satisfaction over one’s accomplishment. Is the accomplishment ignorance?


And I’m using the correct meaning of that word, as well: Lack of knowledge.

In my opinion, the people interviewed in the video come across as saying, “I don’t know anything at all, but this is what I’ve heard somewhere so this is what I know.”

And when a generation lives there in that place of goofiness, we’ve got some problems.

Do you think it’s the state of affairs in the Americasphere? What are your thoughts on the montage?

Please let us all know in the Comments section.

I’d love to embed the video, but I prefer to link to it instead due to explicit sexual and sacrilegious content. Be warned. Be very warned.

I look forward to your insights.

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