Is Cory Booker Afraid to Suggest Border Security is Like a Death Sentence to Holocaust Jews? Guess

[Screenshot, cropped, from tweet,]
[Screenshot, cropped, from tweet,]


You know what having a secure border and knowing who comes into the country is like? It’s like forcing Jews to die in the Holocaust.


So suggested Cory Booker.

Farticus (see here) was speaking on the Political Party Live podcast Saturday.

And he seemed to contend we shouldn’t be spending much on security:

“Do you know how much billions of dollars we’ve done to increase the numbers of Customs and Border Patrol agents, of people involved in immigration?”

It’s at this point I should ask you, the reader: Do you have special shoes you like to wear when you hear things that are idiotic?

If so, put on your special shoes.

I’ll wait.

Ready? Back to Cory:

“[President Trump] uses the language — that’s why knowing history is so important — he uses the language like a political party of our past, called the Know-Nothings…trying to make us afraid of people with brown skin.”

There ya are. Our billionaire president, for some unknown reason, has this Evil Genius idea. He lies in bed at night, thinking, “I know what I’ll do — I’ll try to make Americans afraid of brown skin! YES!”

I just don’t understand why some left-wing politicians — such as Cory Booker — appear to have no use for saying things that are relevant, preferring instead to offer totally imbecilic notions of dastardly motives at the highest level of the GOP (like here). Why does Cory want most people to roll their eyes at the sounds sailing past his teeth? Or does he assume only morons are listening?


Tighten your shoes:

“As much as [Trump] wants to make us afraid of people trying to come here escaping terror, not remembering like when we turned around other immigrants trying to escape terror. There was a ship that came here during World War II with a bunch of folks trying to escape the Holocaust and we turned it around where they got killed in the Holocaust.”

As pointed out by The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra, thousands of Jewish refugees were in fact turned away from the U.S. during the Holocaust — by Democratic President Franklin Rosevelt.

Given Cory’s position that a secure border is akin to condemning Jews to death, ladies and gentlemen, I give you a speech by that icon of the American Democratic Party, der Führer — Adolf Hitler:

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