Washington DC's Inclusive 'Dyke March' Bans the Star of David but Allows Palestinian Flags

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[Screenshot from tweet, https://twitter.com/HenMazzig/status/1137270094097211392?]


How’s this for inclusive?

Washington DC’s “Dyke March” excluded Jewish participants carrying LGBT flags with the Star of David on ’em. The inclusive exclusion happened Saturday, which was exclusive of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


I guess true inclusivity’s impossible.

The Dyke March celebrated diversity by letting everyone know ahead of time that “Zionism” wouldn’t be tolerated. They would, however, let in Palestinian flags. This, according to The Washington Times.

Same kinda thing happened last year in Chicago, as per The Daily Wire:

[O]rganizers at the Chicago Dyke March enforced a similar policy, ejecting anyone from the LGBT Pride event who openly expressed support for the Jewish state, even though Israel is one of the only gay-friendly Middle Eastern countries. Organizers issued the ban in support of “intersectionality,” and out of concern for “Zionism” within their ranks, which they consider akin to “oppression.”


Yael Horowitz is one of the DC March’s organizers, and she told the Times it’s absolutely about about fighting oppression. You know — like those turds America:

“If someone would show up with an American flag but with the stripes as a rainbow, we would treat it the same way. I think what’s getting erased here is pro-Israel and pro-Jewish are very different things. Jewish stars and other identifications and celebrations of Jewishness (yarmulkes, tallit, other expressions of Judaism or Jewishness) are welcome and encouraged. We do ask that participants not bring pro-Israel paraphernalia in solidarity with our queer Palestinian friends.”

In fact, in the view of one official, pro-Israel signage is a downright threat to people’s safety. And everyone needs a safe space (please see here):


“The issue [with the Jewish Pride flag] is where the Star of David is positioned in a way that looks like an Israeli flag, it creates an unsafe space. It really is a shame that Israel took this symbol of Judaism and turned it into this nationalist symbol….I understand the Jewish pride flag is a symbol that a lot of Jews have come to embrace, but there are so many other Jewish symbols that we can use to express our Judaism, like a Star of David [on a necklace], like a yarmulke, a tallit.”

Wanna see an argument between women over wearing a star amid trying to give a collective “H*ll Yeah” to lesbianism (again, here)? I gotcha covered:

So remember, folks: If you go out with your big D shirt to fight oppression, leave your star at home. Or you’ll have to fight even more oppression. It’s okay to be a lesbian; but advertising your love for a tiny endangered country is on the outs. Apparently, despite the catchy slogan, at the Dyke March it isn’t true that “Love is Love.”

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