Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Jerry Nadler Claims There 'Certainly is' Sufficient Evidence to Impeach Trump. But Will the Public Approve?

[Screenshot from CBS News,]
[Screenshot from CBS News,]


On Friday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler claimed “there certainly is” sufficient justification to impeach Donald J. Trump.


Oh boy…here we go.

The New York representative made the assertion in an interview with WNYC, during which he also explained that the maneuver must be done with the blessing of the public.

Good luck with that:

“Impeachment is a political act, and you cannot impeach a president if the American people will not support it. The American people, right now, do not support it because they do not know the story. They don’t know the facts.”

The facts? Good luck with THAT.

But he’s determined:

“We have to get the facts out. We have to hold a series of hearings, we have to hold the investigations.”

They’re never, ever, ever going to let the Mueller investigation go. The obsession is a tribute to time-wasting at the highest level. Think you’re good at it? You’re an amateur. Get elected to Congress and go pro.

“It’s very important that [Special Counsel Robert Mueller], to a television audience and to the American people, state [his findings] and answer questions about it, even if there is no new information.”

Mueller really stunk up the joint Wednesday, telling the country — essentially — that he couldn’t prove Trump didn’t do anything wrong:

“If we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the President did commit a crime.”


Why say that? That’s not how proof is supposed to work when someone’s accused.

Alan Dershowitz was unimpressed. Likewise, Tucker Carlson.

Presumably, Jerrold wasn’t opposed.

Despite the congressman’s statements, Mueller made clear he has no plans to testify before congressional committees:

“I hope and expect this to be the only time I will speak to you on this matter. No one has told me whether I can or should testify or speak further about this matter. There has been discussion about an appearance before Congress. Any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report. It contains our findings and analysis, and the reasons for the decisions we made. We chose those words carefully, and the work speaks for itself.”

Speaking to CBS News Friday, Attorney General Bill Barr backed up Robert:

“It’s up to Bob, but I think the line he’s drawing, which is he’s going to stick to what’s in the report, is the proper line for any department official.”

Mueller also made reference to the longstanding DOJ policy of not charging a sitting president:

“Charging the president was not an option we could consider.”

Additionally, he recognized that “the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse the president of wrongdoing.”


Now, it seems, Jerrold’s going full-on Al Green (here):

“No one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law.”

He declared Congress’ll “respond to the crimes, lies and other wrongdoing of President Trump.”

On Thursday, Trump shot back against notions of the “I” word:

“I don’t see how they can. It’s a dirty, filthy, disgusting word, impeach. It’s high crimes –there was no high crime. So how do you impeach?”

For a brief moment in time, I thought perhaps we could let go of the black balloon that is the ever lingering Mueller probe (here).

Now it appears I was right to begin with: It’ll outlast both cockroaches and the Rolling Stones. The investigation is forevermore a permanent component of existence. It will float above us like a cosmic fart, long after humanity’s bones have bleached in the sun.

I believe the American people are sick of it. Give up, already. For Pete’s sake. Trump won. Let it go.

Do you think the public want to see impeachment? Let us all know in the Comments section.



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