He Finally Admits He's Not a Reporter: In New Book, Jim Acosta Insists 'Neutrality' Doesn't Work in the Age of Trump

[Screenshot from Guardian News, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuCR8Oi-rQg]
[Screenshot from Guardian News, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuCR8Oi-rQg]


Jim Acosta is the worst “reporter” in the history of network news. I say that not as a conservative, but as someone who believes in “news.”


The title of Jim’s upcoming book says it all:

Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.

That reveals he has no understanding of what a reporter is.

Dear Jim,

A reporter is someone who, to the exclusion of all other statements, solely communicates objective facts with which the entire potential audience can agree.

If you’re saying things that people are fighting over, you’re not “reporting.” You’re proselytizing.

That makes you a pundit, not a reporter.

CNN should just give him his own Tucker Carlson-type show and call it a day.

Over the weekend, The Guardian published a few excerpts from the book. Let’s take a ganders.

What’s the carnival barker think about impartiality? A little bit of this:

“Neutrality for the sake of neutrality doesn’t really serve us in the age of Trump.”

Who’s “us”?

Former CNN reporter Dylan Byers doesn’t seem to be a fan of the Acosta approach:


Over the last few years, Jim has embarrassed himself terribly and brought shame to CNN. Here are a few greatest hits:

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In Enemy, Jim also fesses up to “grandstanding” and “showboating,” as well as ‘[opting] for the bait” when questioning Trump.

Why would CNN continue to call him a “reporter,” given the book’s admissions? I guess it makes no difference; if they haven’t reconfigured already, they’re not gonna.

Check out the astounding ode to goofiness in the video below.



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