NYU President Apologizes After Speaker Delivers Far-Left, Anti-Israel Political Diatribe Instead of a Graduation Speech

[Screenshot from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLxtqMwRtDQ]
[Screenshot from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLxtqMwRtDQ]


As I covered previously, on Monday, NYU graduation speaker Steven William Thrasher seemed to think he was just talkin’ to himself in the shower (here). Instead of making a speech applicable to those getting their graduate degree, the dude just went off in crazy ways about his very personal politics.


It was absolutely nutty.

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Anyway, back to graduation: Steven just railed in far left-wing extremist ways with seemingly no thought of where he was, as if he was talkin’ to his toesies in the bubblebath.

He excoriated Israel, promoted the BDS movement (here), and claimed the President of the United States was a fascist.

There was a time in America when that might’ve gotten a guy carried off. But times have changed.

However, they haven’t changed enough, and NYU President Andrew Hamilton issued a statement Thursday condemning Steven’s dork of a move:

“I found it quite objectionable that the student speaker chose to make use of the Graduate School of Arts and Science doctoral graduation to express his personal viewpoints on BDS and related matters, language he excluded from the version of the speech he had submitted before the ceremony. We are sorry that the audience had to experience these inappropriate remarks.”


Were the Trump comments initially there? No word.

Andrew went on to clarify the school’s disposition toward Israel, where the college actually has a campus.

That was a good idea; one can only imagine the thoughts and feelings of Jewish audience members while the goofball attacked — some might feel — their very existence.

“Let me use this occasion to reaffirm the University’s position – NYU rejects academic boycotts of Israel, rejects calls to close its Tel Aviv campus, and denounces efforts to ostracize or exclude those in the University community based on their location in Israel, their Israeli origin, or their political feelings for Israel.”

Andrew also pointed out what perhaps everybody but Steven William Thrasher already knew:

“A graduation should be a shared, inclusive event; the speaker’s words – one-sided and tendentious – indefensibly made some in the audience feel unwelcome and excluded.”


Hopefully, NYU learned its lesson: On graduation night, don’t put a loon at the podium.



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