Pow! Saturday Night, Boxer Deontay Wilder Set His 1st-Round Fists to 'Stun.' Dominic Breazeale Looked Like the Letter H. The Video is Killer

[SCREENSHOT FROM SPORTCENTER, https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1129951821290790914?]


Punches to the face from a professional boxer are like bolts of lighting to a power station: It only takes one, and it’s Lights Out.


Saturday night, punisher Deontay Wilder reminded the world of this when he took his fist and pushed it toward the head of Dominic Breazeale at a speed too fast to be blocked.

It was late in the first round, and the fellas walked up to the center of the ring. With about 57 seconds left on the clock, an unmistakable thud resounded.

POP! Power outage.

The clip posted by SportsCenter was captioned, simply, “Dontay Wilder. GOODNIGHT.”

Dominic went completely horizontal. Legs? What can legs do? We’re gonna stand on our back for a while.

He got laid out like the letter H:

[SCREENSHOT CROPPED, FROM SPORTSCENTER, https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1129951821290790914?]

“H” is for “Hospital.”

Once down, he thought he’d just relax for a bit. Probably a good idea. No rush to get up — plus, he might bump the beak of one of those birds circling his head.

Professionally, Dominic’s no slouch: He’s had 20 wins — 18 by knockout — and only 2 losses.

But he slouched down Saturday night, Jack! To the tune of a loss by KO.

Enjoy the stunning video, as we all collectively hope nothing quite as fierce as Deontay’s fist ever makes contact with any part of us.




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