WATCH: Crazy, Charging Woman Assaults Pro-Life Protestors in Alabama, Steals Their Phone


Alabama is all the rage these days. Literally — these days. Just the last few days. And literally, rage.

I’m talking, of course, about the state’s abortion bill (here), and in this case, abortion in general.


During an otherwise peaceful pro-life moment on a sidewalk in Huntsville earlier this month, some craziness was captured on video.

Mary Baggett stood near a street corner with other protestors holding signs. Two cars pulled up and the drivers started yelling — a shoutin’ guy in the first car, and a bellowin’ lady in the second.

After a brief exchange, Ms. Bellow came a-runnin’, mad as a hornet that she hadn’t given anyone permission to film her.


She swatted at a young man before turning to the camera.

POW! — she assaulted Mary. Camera = down.

Then the chick stole her phone!

Mary recounted the altercation to Live Action:

“The woman who came up to me punched my hands. I must have been holding the camera with both hands, cause one is bruised pretty bad but the one hand I hold the phone with is hurting too. Then she grabbed my phone and ran to her car. I went after her and demanded she give me the phone back [and she] finally threw it in the grass.”

Mary called the police, but as she retrieved her phone, abortion clinic escorts told her she was in violation of the law and she needed to leave.

A guy from the first car came on up, too:

“The man who was in the first car, who she was with apparently, he came back before the police showed up. I thought he was going to try to harm us so I started taking his picture and telling him the police were on the way. He left in a hurry. I called the police and filed a report.”


A man named Robert Mog is trying to help Mary find the identity of the attacking woman. They believe she may be from North Carolina.

Robert said the whole thing rocked Mary’s world:

“[She] was definitely emotionally shook up – she wasn’t even initially focusing on the drivers when the incident happened, and it happened pretty quickly, or seemed to.”

According to Mary, the violence seems to have ratcheted up as of late:

“These clinic escorts are trying to incite people to violence against us, in my opinion. The week before this happened, one of the clinic escorts called her former NFL husband to come and verbally assault me. He is huge and it was scary. I called the police on to the scene and made a report about that too.”

Robert thinks the charging chick got pumped up by the escorts:

“We believe that the escorts riled her up into doing this – you can see one filming from behind. They have been doing that a lot lately.”

Maybe the angry woman had a North Carolina plate, but she sure didn’t sound like a native. Actually, she sounded like this:

If you “catch her outside,” lookout — she’s MEAN!

But not as mean as this:

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