BUT HOW? New 2020 Report Shows Trump Kicking Democrats' Butts in a Sacred Area They Claim to Own



Democrats have a very strange strategy for duping the daft: They take certain issues and refer to the left-wing side as representing all women. Or minorities. Or gays. Or the poor. And, I assume, they just hope their pitched notion will enter the ears of America, bypass the critical thinking part of the brain, and store itself right in the ol’ cranial hard drive.



Haven’t you heard? All women are liberal Democrats.

Example: Seemingly mentally disturbed Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims harassed a pro-life senior citizen and three pro-life teenagers in front of a Planned Parenthood (here and here). After a buttload of condemnation, he made a sorta non-apologetic apology (see the article by RedState’s Brandon Morse) promising he “will do better, for the women of Pennsylvania” by protecting abortion.

Cerebral problemo: The elderly person and three teenagers were women, too.

Also intellectually unworkable, incidentally: He called them bigots:

Definition of bigot: Someone intolerant of an opposing view.


Here’s a fresh shock to those who believe the gaggle of goobs slingin’ the girl-power goofiness: According to FEC data, in the first quarter of 2019, more women donated to Donald Trump’s re-election campaign than to any Democratic 2020 candidate.

But…how is that possible?

Oh, yeah — ’cause o’ brains.


In Q1, 10,375 chicks donated to, I guess, non-women’s issues. That’s more than double the sassy ladies who coughed it up for Kamala Harris — the leading Dem for female financiers.

She received dough from a wimpy 3,850.

To be fair, Trump per-lass average was lower than Kamala’s and Kirsten Gillibrand’s. I’m sure that can be spun any way you please.

Here’re the numbers for benefacting babes:

Big DT: 10,375
Kamala Harris: 3,850
Bernie Sanders: 3,271
Beto O’Rourke: 2,289
Cory Booker: 2,020
Pete Buttigieg: 1,335
Elizabeth Warren: 1,330
Amy Klobuchar: 1,321
Andrew Yang: 964
Kirsten Gillibrand: 960
Julian Castro: 563
Jay Inslee: 473
John Delaney: 451
John Hickenlooper: 362
Tulsi Gabbard: 164

So there ya go — despite the constant drone of pro-woman maneuvers, a whole lot of women haven’t bought it. What they’ve bought — literally — instead is an increased likelihood that the 2020 POTUS will be none other than ladies’ man Donald J. Trump.



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