GRAPHIC VIDEO: Oklahoma Man Tries to Enter His Friend's Home, Gets Bitten in the Face by a Huge Snake


Holy moley.

Think your week’s been bad? In Lawton, Oklahoma, a man got an awful surprise when he tried to enter the home of a friend.


A doorbell camera captured the shocking and painful (and expletive-filled) experience of Jerel Heywood.

Jerel was just a laid-back dude with a long key chain and a penchant for socks with sandals, moseying over in an old T-shirt to hang out with his friend, Rodney Copeland.

Jerel opened Rodney’s screendoor and got quite the poor welcome. As it turned out, a 5-foot snake was hanging out, too — wrapped around the front porch light.

The snake wasn’t so psyched about Jerel’s visit.

Hence, he did what we all do when we don’t want someone coming in: He sprung out with lightning precision and bit Jerel in the eyeball.

Well, at least the eye.

Presto: Viral Land, baby!

Jerel very soon afterward yelled out a word I can’t write here, followed by “Take me to the hospital! Take me to the hospital!”

Props to Jerel — he immediately got down to business.

Additional video (see below) shows a neighbor enacting revenge upon the fanged slitherer by way of a hammer and an iron will.

Jerel made it to the hospital just fine. And fortunately for him, the inhospitable reptile was a non-venomous bull snake.

Still, as reported by CNN, Marshawn’s not taking any chances:

Copeland had never spotted a snake in his home before, he told CNN, adding he thinks it was taking shelter from recent heavy rains. He plans to spray his yard with sulfuric acid to ward away future reptiles.

“I hear they don’t like that,” he said.


I’m no lawn expert, but that seems a bit kneejerk.

But is it? Take a look at the video and you tell me.



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