WATCH IN AWE: You Won't Believe CNN's Spotlight on a Violent Antifa Member & its Vulgar Message to a Conservative Media Figure


Wow. This is really one for the books.

Wanna know what CNN’s like? Look no further than their stunningly favorable interview — complimented by some groovy music — with a member of the fascistic group Antifa.


On his show United Shades of America Sunday, W. Kamau Bell welcomed a woman named Ariel wearing a bright pink hat and saying things that were, well, just take a ganders at the strangeness…

First of all, she told Kamau that fascistic group Antifa is the opposite of a fascistic group, continuing a bizarre misunderstanding that the black-masked fascists could easily resolve with a dictionary (here, here, and here).

Ariel laid it out:

“Do you approve of fascism?”

Kamau: No.

“Then you could consider yourself Antifa if you chose to. So if you’re opposed to fascism, then you are Antifa. Because it’s anti-fascism.”

That would be true — if the opposite weren’t.

She also schooled the audience with this definition:

“Do you think people deserve love? Antifa.”

Love, like vandalizing others’ property? Like arson? Like violence?

The show went on to teach people the following:

Fascism – n. An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

They then provided a diagram of left-right concepts, noting that Antifa isn’t right or left. Fascism? Top right, a bit above conservatism.

The duo tried to think of a “moderate Republican” — the mirror of moderate Democrat Hillary Clinton.


They concluded there hasn’t been one since Abraham Lincoln.

Kamau moved on to fascism:

“Now we have to talk about the stuff you see on the news. And, you know, specifically, like, you’ve actually at times had to get out there and get — and mix it up. So what was it like?”

She had to?

Ariel recounted once, at a rally, seeing a guy run toward two girls wearing hijabs. She thought he was gonna hit them, so she threw him to the ground and started punching him.

Let’s replay:

“Do you think people deserve love? Antifa.”

She then showcased her brass (or plastic?) knuckles. And a knife.

“I usually have a couple of those on me, just in case. I use it for whatever I need to use it for.”

Ariel also showcased her black mask, explained that she doxxes people, and condemned ICE as “modern-day Nazis.”

Kamau played devil’s advocate, not by pointing out that ICE is upholding the law, but rather, “these are just people who have jobs…they’re just trying to support their families.”

Once again, she referred to fascists as “they.”

The episode ramped down with Ariel’s warning for privileged “white, cisgender, heterosexual men”:

“I want you to know that, eventually, fascists will come for you, too.”


At the segment’s end, Kamau offered this staggering last-second reference to the Fox News host who previously accused him of being “a supporter of Antifa”:

“F*** Tucker Carlson.”

And we all say: “This is CNN.”



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