Set to Sign the Fetal Heartbeat Bill Tuesday, GA Gov. Brian Kemp Has a Strong Message for Hollywood


Hollywood wants to decide the legislation for Georgia. Which is strange — because Hollywood doesn’t live in Georgia.

About its recent attempt, Dean Cain asserted Tinseltown was being ridiculous (here); Stephen Baldwin said it’s going to hell (here).


But Alyssa Milano lamented the Peach State’s attempt to “strip women of their bodily autonomy”:

The Land of the Beautiful People tried to flex its perfectly-toned muscle:

An entire union concurred:


Well, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has his own message, and it’s directed toward the Left Coast home of the angels: I don’t give a flip.

As reported by Fox News, Brian’s set to sign the state’s “heartbeat” abortion bill — which would disallow abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected — Tuesday.

The Governor told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution it’s a matter of principle:

“I can’t govern because I’m worried about what someone in Hollywood thinks about me. I ran the last two years on these issues, and I got elected with the largest number of votes in the history of the state of Georgia, and I’m doing what I told people I would do.”

And it’s not all about the Benjamins:

“Our business environment’s good. We cannot change our values of who we are for money. And we’re not going to do that. That’s what makes our state great.”

That seems sensible. Whatever their take on the issue itself, I’m surprised that Hollywood — a tiny group — would imagine itself having rightful control of another state’s laws, trumping that state’s voters.

As for the bill, similar laws have been passed in Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, North Dakota, and Iowa.


But it certainly isn’t without controversy.

Back to Fox:

Opponents of the bill, Democrats and a few Republicans, argue most women don’t know they’re pregnant at six weeks, so the bill would essentially ban all abortions. Groups, like the American Civil Liberties Union, have threatened to sue the state once the bill is signed into law. The law would go into effect at the beginning of next year.

“We warned them – we will see you in court, Governor Kemp,” Staci Fox of Planned Parenthood Southeast told AJC. “And we are coming for their seats.”

During the last fiscal year, Georgia was home to 455 productions, generating $9 billion in “economic impact.”

But it ain’t the only game in town — in 2018, neighboring state Alabama happily hosted 14 film productions starring the likes of John Travolta, Tom Holland, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Foxx, to name a few.

Will Hollywood eventually try to control the Roll Tide/War Eagle state’s legislature? If they think Atlanta doesn’t appreciate it, wait’ll they get a load of Bama.



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