Meghan McCain Explodes, Tells Off the Panel on Mueller & Trump; Joy & Sunny's Response is Why Dems Will Lose in 2020



Like her or not, Meghan McCain has great taste in breakfast. I can only assume that’s what enables her to stay so fired up on ABC’s The View. 


My shredded wheat with banana ain’t cuttin’ it; but Meghan’s first meal of the day is lightin’ her up.

And she was lit on Monday when the topic of the Mueller report made its way to the panel.

Abby Huntsman began by noting the idiotic expectations set forth by the media — impending proof of evil about which the report failed on every level.

And Meghan just took over, Jack!

She went off:

“So what’s the problem?? Then why is everyone so nervous about 2020?”

The daughter of late Sen. John McCain — who’s no fan of The Donald — asserted that Dems lost the American voter. They’ve got a lot of work to do; otherwise, Trump gonna trump:

“Unfortunately for Democrats, ya gotta get out there and win over the voters ya lost in the middle of the country. … [I] always took Trump seriously. This mess that we all got ourselves into, I blame the Left as much as I blame the Right. And the demonizing of all conservatives in this country, all Trump supporters in every way, you’re getting him re-elected.”

That re-elected part sounds right as rain.

Meghan even observed that the President ain’t wholly evil, and to act otherwise is self-defeating and imbecilic — you know, super dumb:

“And to say that all Republicans are bad, and all Republicans have to hold his feet to the fire, there are some decisions Trump’s made…that aren’t the end of the world, that Republicans support. Including the Supreme Court.”


But the forcefields were up.

Co-host Sunny Hostin jabbed, “What about his misbehavior?”


It came out…that he didn’t collude.

Meghan rocketed on, propelled by…Fruit Loops? Corn beef and hash? A turkey omelet? They had to finally just go to commercial while the string continued to retract into her back.

And along the way, we were reminded of the absolutely undying, unfounded commitment to notions of Trump’s guilt (as I covered here). 


When McCain wondered why anti-Trumpers are stressed over 2020, Joy Behar clucked, “Because we’re afraid that Russia will steal the election again.”

Really?? Again??

This is why the Left is likely to lose next year — Meghan is telling the Dems their absurdist portrayal of Trump cost them 2016, and Joy responds with an absurdist portrayal of Trump. Footshot, imminent.

Sunny fired, “I think the better question is, what is the Republican Party going to do about this president’s behavior?”

Joy chimed in, “Nothing.”

They’re correct. And so is Meghan: 

“You’re gettin’ him re-elected.”

When the Blonde Bomber pointed out there was no evidence of collusion, Joy could only muster this:

“No, that’s not true.”



“11 potentional obstruction; 11 instances.”

In other words, a whole lotta this:

Oh boy.


Democrats won’t give up on the past enough to take hold of the future. For more on that, please see my article “How Immaturity is Killing the Left.”

And while you read, I’m gonna look into almond milk, turkey bacon, and stronger coffee.



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