Two 14-Year-Old Girls Have Been Arrested at a Middle School in Florida. Their Mass-Murderous Plan is Terrifying




According to affidavits obtained by Tampa’s WTSP, on Wednesday, a middle school teacher in Florida noticed two female students frantically searching for a folder.


Middle school — a time of fun and frivolity. Biggest concerns:

  • Who likes who
  • Are your clothes cool?

The teacher overheard one of the teenyboppers say she’d be arrested if anyone else discovered the file. The other replied, “I’m just going to tell them it’s a prank if they call me or if they find it.”

But neither of them found it; the teacher did.

And holy moley.

The folder was labeled “Private Info,” “Do Not Open,” and “Project 11/19.”

It also could’ve also been stickered “Project Murder.”

Eight pages within outlined plans for a mass killing. Nine targeted students were listed by their full names or initials. Also mentioned: guns.


[I]ncluded in the folder were hand-written notes describing the clothing the girls would wear during the killing spree, such as gloves, and how they would look.

Two of the directives: “No nails” and “No hair showing from the moment we put on our clothes.”

Apparently, for some murderous middle school missies, it’s the little things. The Daily Mail lays out more of the precocious pyros’ pernicious plan:

[T]he papers described how the juvenile suspects would obtain firearms to kill the victims and dispose of their remains, “specifically burning and burying their bodies.”

“The plans were written in great detail as to how they would lure the victims, kill the victims, and dispose of the victims’ bodies,” the report states.


The girls are currently fantasizin’ about dreamboat guys and mastermindin’ their next hangout at the skating rink from secure bunks at the Juvenile Justice Facility in Bartow.

Oh — and they’re facing nine counts each of criminal attempt to conspire a capital felony for premeditated homicide and kidnapping.

Way to go, chicks.

What in the world is happening to our society?? As we hear of more of these kinds of stories, surely their proliferation makes it more reasonable to those who may wish to follow suit. Meanwhile, the adults in the room aren’t necessarily doing better: in New York and Virginia, grown men and women have declared the murder of an infant A-Okay (here, here, and here).

When the most innocent lives become extinguishable, it’s open season on the guilty.

And we’re all guilty.

Though, most of us aren’t as guilty as two 14-year-old girls at Avon Park Middle School in the Sunshine State. Thank goodness their plans weren’t carried out.

The families of the would-be victims have all been contacted.

Perhaps most disturbing — and perplexing — is this:

A parent at the school told Fox 13 that news of the girls’ arrests came as a shock because they both were friendly and popular in school.

We’ve got a lot of work to do.


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