Don Jr. Makes a Fool of MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Turns the Tables on Yet Another Absurd Accusation



Last month, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar spoke before the Council on American-Islamic Relations and really stunk up the joint with her description of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, during which 2,977 people were murdered. According to her, it was a rather simple case of “some people did something.”


That’s kinda low-ball.

A whole lot of people thought so.

On Friday, Trump responded to Ilhan’s characterization for the first time with the following video:

Pretty powerful contrast.

Defenders of the anti-Semitic politician (here, here, and here) accused critics of inciting violence against her, and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes asserted the same of the President’s video, with nothing to back it up:

What in the world??

Trump Jr. spotlighted the lunacy of Chris’s claim and added something which, in my view, is absolutely founded: The media, in its absurd accusation of Donald J. Trump, have certainly lathered up any provokable nincompoops who might be willing to do the candidate-then-president immense harm. After all, as we’ve been constantly told, he’s Hitler, Lucifer, and a KKK Grand Dragon lusting for murder (here, here, and here).

Brace for the impact:



And Don Jr. lays it down once again.

For a grand showcase of MSNBC’s contribution to the most ridiculous the media has to offer, go here. It’s a real stunner.



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