It's Official! Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall are Reuniting for the Sequel to One of Hollywood's Iconic Comedies



All you 80’s comedy fans can get ready for a blast — sort of from the past. It’s official: Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are reteaming for a sequel to the raucous hit Coming to America.


The two iconic comedians recently had their costume fittings for the upcoming film with legendary designer Ruth E. Carter, who took home the 2019 Oscar for her work on Black Panther.

Ruth posted photos of the fittings to Instagram Monday, with the caption “🗣🗣GOOD MORNING MY NEIGHBORS! It’s official! Preliminary fitting for Coming to America 2 with Prince Akeem, Semmi and Oscar.”

I’m personally really excited about some old-school comedy on the big screen. Coming to America was hilarious, and its barber shop scene is a classic. Also a favorite of mine: “Sexual chocolate! Sexual chocolate!” And Arsenio — whose father in real life was a minister — was terrific as a flamboyant preacher.

How will the project from two politically-incorrect performers fit onto today’s constrictive, woke silver screen? It remains to be seen, but I hope for something as fresh and energetic as the original.


Aside from the creative endeavor itself, I like both Eddie and Arsenio as people, from what I know of them. I’ve had an encounter with Arsenio, and I found him to be a very nice man. I’m happy to see them…Coming 2 America.

How about you?



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