Woke Preschool Teacher Shuts Up Elderly Woman Trying to Read 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' to Toddlers



Ohhh, yeah — let’s get woke and stoopid!

Last December, residents of a senior living center in Michigan were invited to read Christmas stories to visiting preschool children.


Aw. That’s nice.

Little boys and girls from the Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Child Development — owned by the same company which runs the senior center — were in for a reeeeal treat!

One seasoned lady regaled the tykes with Tim Burton’s spooky, monsters-demons-witches-comprised The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Another senior citizen read about the holiday’s traditions. Following the book, she asked the toddlers if they knew why we celebrate Christmas.

Suddenly, a teacher stood up and shut that dung down! Allegedly, she told the old bag to zip it:

“We won’t go there, Wilma.”

Later, a woman named Joan Wilson offered the kids the fantastic A Charlie Brown Christmas. She reached the part where Linus tells Charlie “what Christmas is all about,” when the flippin’ teacher stopped her and canceled the visit! She took all the rugrats outta there.

Law firm First Liberty is now representing Joan Wilson and Wilma Wells in a religious discrimination suit.

According to the complaint:

“Our clients were simply exercising their constitutionally protected rights by reading a much beloved Christmas story to children when they were silenced”

Attorney Keisha Russell says the whole ordeal was magnanimously crappy:

“Joan and Wilma are private citizens whose speech, including religious speech, is fully protected by the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses.”

Fox News reports:

First Liberty alleges the teacher, who is a government employee, broke the law by censoring or banning certain speakers or speech because of its religious content. It’s called viewpoint discrimination.


The law firm is requesting the Kalkaska Memorial Health Center apologize to Wilma and Joan for violating heir rights, as well as provide in writing assurance it won’t happen again.

“Here, the teacher allowed those who spoke about Christmas in secular terms to speak unimpeded but abridged the speech of those who spoke to the historical significance of Christmas’s origins,” Keisha summarizes.

“There’s nothing quite like a government Grinch crushing the spirit of Christmas.”

And that’s what cultural Marxism is all about, Charlie Brown.



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