Ted Cruz: Mueller Report Notwithstanding, Democrats Will Move for Impeachment



On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz guested to discuss ramifications of the impotent Mueller report.

Ted said that, despite the investigation’s empty hands where it concerns Trump-Russia collusion, the Democrat-controlled House will move forward with impeachment; after all, the chamber “doesn’t care about the basis” for it.


When asked by host Dana Bash whether he thought the probe had been a witch hunt, the senator claimed it “went on far too long,” involving too many “partisan Democrats.”

And that stinks:

“By doing that, it undermined the credibility and impartiality of the special counsel’s office. I’m concerned that it may have become a fishing expedition… not a single person was indicted for colluding with the Russians.”

Ted called a no-collusion finding “good news” for America.

It should be; it isn’t, of course, for (and to some) Democrats (here and here).

Agreeing with Democratic House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, Ted pointed to a need for the full report to be made public:

“It needs to be released to the Congress, and it needs to be released to the American people. This has consumed two years of the American people’s time, and we need full transparency.”

As a writer of current events, I’ve eagerly awaited the end of the investigation for a long time. However, if early indicators are to be believed, Dems aren’t gonna let it go; they’ll continue to writhe over their hysterical claims of sinisterness against Donald J. Trump. Apropos, impeachment.

Watch the video below.



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