STUPIDEST WORDS EVER SPOKEN: CNN Hails 'One of the Great Reporting Jobs in History' Covering Collusion



WARNING: Clip your fingernails before reading.

You know what the mainstream press has done a fantastic job of? Covering Donald Trump — particularly as it relates to his non-existent Russia collusion.


Stellar performance.

That, according to — wait for it — the mainstream press.

I’m reminded of the time CNN went on CNN to say CNN doesn’t stink (here).

On Sunday’s super-ironically-named Reliable Sources, in light of what the left-wing media has been screaming for nearly 800 days having been shown to be wrong, Watergate icon Carl Bernstein celebrated just how right they were:

“Look — let’s look at where the disinformation and mistakes and lying have come from,” he said. Okay, we’re looking.

I thought he was done. Nothing more to say; CNN’s on, we’re looking.

But then:

“Look — let’s look at where the disinformation and mistakes and lying have come from. It hasn’t come from the press; it’s come from the President of the United States and those around him.”


I’d be tempted to provide a collection of media idiocies concerning the Trump-Russia probe over the last two years; but the task is so daunting, I don’t believe I could do it justice.

In lieu, just imagine a list that would require the remainder of your natural life to read. And perhaps some of your spiritual eternity. And that’s assuming you’re a spring chicken in phenomenal health.

But according to Carl, “you have to look at the larger context.”

Here we go:

“[I] think we’ve done — the media, the press — has done one of the great reporting jobs in history, especially of covering a presidency by the most news organizations.”


Did he mean “grate”?


Therefore, some human being actually uttered those correctly-spelled words.

I hoped you clipped your nails; otherwise, you’ll claw out your brain scratching your head.

Watch the unprecedented head-scratcher below.

And for your enjoyment, find excellence on the Cable News Network here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here..



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