GENIUS: College Students Protest Hiring of New Police Chief Because He 'Liked' Conservative Tweets



At both Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges last month, military veteran Daniel Hect was announced as the new police chief. Previously, Daniel had held the same position at Cincinnati’s Xavier University, as well as at Denison University in Ohio.


Daniel celebrated in a tweet:

Sounds good, right? Nope. It’s bad, seein how he’s a Republican and all. Well, at least, he’d “liked” some conservative social media posts.

Say it with me: Problematic.

As per some attendees of Massachusetts’s Mount Holyoke, the fact that Daniel appears to lean toward the luciferous Donald Trump makes him just plain unworkable as head of security.

A student wrote online:

“Recently, Mount Holyoke College has hired a new chief of police named Daniel Hect. Despite multiple red flags found and raised by students during his hiring process, the administration still believes him to be an ideal choice for overseeing campus safety. Personally, I believe it’s unacceptable for someone in charge of keeping any community safe, let alone a campus as diverse as MHC’s, to be publicly displaying his support for hateful regimes and organizations, as well as for individuals who demonize migrants from Mexico or other latin American nations.”

Hateful regimes! Would that be ISIS? Al Queda? The New York legislature (here)?

Nah, it’s just us: the People of the United States. Which is to say, the man we elected to the presidency.

The student included screencaps of tweets Daniel had liked — stuff from evil organizations such as the NRA: It wished its followers a Merry Christmas (That’s a double whammy — here). He’d also liked some Trump posts about the border and the shutdown.



As reported by The Daily Wire:

The student directed others to a campus meeting with Hect “for a forum with the man, the myth, the racist himself: Daniel Hect.”


Another student shared the first’s post. They added that Daniel’s social media activities “show his dangerous support of Trump, as well as anti-immigration (specifically latinx immigrants) and pro-gun sentiments.”


Subsequently, the goofball asserted, Daniel “cannot keep this community safe.”

Allow me to correct them on one point: Immigration is the process of legally entering the United States. Therefore, “anti-immigration” would denote an opposition to that system. Illegal immigration is anti-immigration. To be pro-immigration is to support the legal means of entry.

Actually, here’s one more correction: the students’ attempts to save the school from Daniel Hect are dumb.

But what can be expected, when we have schools doing this, this, this, and this? Not to mention the cultural catastrophe seen here and here. And let’s not forget media maneuvers such as this ridiculousness on CNN.

For those paying attention only to MSNBC, NPR, and CNN — not to mention innumerable memes — conservatives are the treacherous evil overlords lurking in the woods; and we’re all unsafe so long as they roam.

So how does this thing around? How may light reach the bubble?

I’d like to know. From you. In the meantime, despite two would-be heroes for the cause of truth and (social?) justice, Daniel Hect is the chief of police.


And if he performs his duties admirably, hopefully — ridiculous fascistic efforts notwithstanding — he’ll remain so in spite of his politics.



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