Michael Jackson's Video Director Says He Believes 'Leaving Neverland': MJ Was a Child Molester

If you haven’t watched the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, I highly suggest you do.

The two-part series presents the emotional journeys of two boys allegedly sexually molested by the late Michael Jackson.


What’s particularly impactful is something rarely discussed when it comes to child molestation: seduction.

Really, seriously…watch it.

As the show elicits responses all around the world, 61-year-old Rudi Dolezal is chiming in.

Notable is the fact that Rudi has produced 1,000 music videos, 500 concert films, and 500 documentaries. Most notable is that he did some of that work with MJ himself — going as far back as filming the pop star’s 1992 Dangerous tour.

And Rudi believes the boys:

“I believe almost every word. [Leaving Neverland is] brilliant work.”

The two alleged victims in the documentary are James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who denied for years any inappropriate behavior on the part of the Gloved One. So, for the cynic, the obvious question is, why they’ve changed their tune. Could the hope of dishonestly-litigated millions be a factor? Michael’s gone now, so it’s their word against someone who can’t speak back.

But Rudi thinks it makes perfect sense:

“Nobody would stop Michael. It’s hard to believe an icon is a con If the Michael Jackson legend is destroyed by this, the person responsible is Michael Jackson — no one else.”


He called the Thriller hitmaker “a predator.”

He also waxed on Michael’s early years with father Joe Jackson, which surely affected him in terrible ways:

“[His father] put the 4-year-old on a hot stovetop barefoot. The way he told it, he was not regretting it. I felt really sorry for Michael. … He hated his father.”

Rudi asserted the “Bad” singer had extensive plastic surgery to avoid any resemblance to his abusive patriarch.

Lastly, Rudi threw in a bit of startling trivia. From Page Six:

Jackson would only agree to be on camera on days when he was performing. When Dolezal asked Jackson’s handlers why he couldn’t film other times, Dolezal was told, “On those days, he doesn’t have a nose.”

So much cartilage had been removed, Jackson’s nose had collapsed, Dolezal said. “He needed a plastic nose that took hours to put on with putty and makeup.”

If you haven’t seen Leaving Neverland, I beg of you: sit down with it. Discuss it with your friends; I have. There are many layers.

And if you’ve already taken it in, please let me know your thoughts in the Comments section below. I look forward to an enlightening conversation.



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