Woman's Rapists Exonerated Due to 3 Judges' Ruling That She Was Too Ugly to Have Been Raped




In Italy, three female judges overturned a rape conviction partly because they deemed the alleged victim too ugly to have been sexually assaulted.


Two Peruvian men were initially convicted of the supposed terrible act in 2015.

The victim — 20 years old at the time of the purported crime — was, according to the judicial trio, too unattractive and “masculine.”

Some people thought that was a bit harsh.

I give you the Daily Mail:

The ruling has sparked outrage in Italy, prompting a flash mob Monday outside the Ancona court, where protesters shouted “Shame!” and held up signs saying “indignation.”

The disparaged woman’s attorney found the court’s reasoning unacceptable:

Cinzia Molinaro, a lawyer for the victim, said her appeal to the Cassation contested a host of procedural problems with the acquittal verdict but said she had also cited the “absolute unacceptability” of the Italian court’s reference to the victim’s physical appearance.

The government’s looking into it:

The Justice Ministry said it was conducting the “necessary preliminary investigations” into the appeals verdict. Molinaro said the ministry can send investigators to a court to check if there were any problems or omissions in the sentence, even when the case is still under appeal.

The judges must not get out much. If they think she’s bad lookin’, they should tune in to the new American reality: Not all women have vaginas (here). Let ’em take a ganders at some chicks with hockey player faces, adam’s apples, linebacker shoulders, hands like a bunch of bananas, and penises, and the poor lady involved in the court case would surely seem most pleasant to the pupils.


In the meantime, it was a mean time — when the three judges insulted her. Why are women so mean to each other?

A tad more from the Daily Mail:

The appeals sentence quoted one of the suspects as saying he found the woman unattractive and had her listed as “Viking” on his cellphone.

Molinaro noted that the woman, who has since returned to Peru, had suffered such genital trauma in the rape that she required stitches.


Hopefully, justice will be served. Whatever that may be.

Either way, berating someone’s looks from the bench is…well…ugly.



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