Left-Wing Tech CEO Tells YouTube Chief She Wishes Jewish Gateway-To-Naziism Ben Shapiro Was Banned



What does tech site Recode think about Ben Shapiro? Well, it ain’t great.

Speaking to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Recode co-founder Kara Swisher lamented that her 13-year-old son had been watching Shapiro videos.


Oh no!!!!

Kara is concerned, because — according to synapses firing in her brain — Jewish Ben vids are the “gateway drug” to watching Neo-Nazi propaganda.

Subsequently, she said, if she could, she’d wholly remove Shapiro from YouTube.

Fortunately for Kara, YouTube is looking at how to make sure it doesn’t “recommend” problematic videos.

Susan explained:

“But recommendations, for example, we just made a change to how we handle recommendations, where we have readers, the readers go through — we make sure they’re representative from all parts of the US, we publish the guidelines — those readers then identify a set of videos that they think are, could be, they might technically meet the requirements of following our community guidelines, but they’re close. And there’s a lot of content that, there’s 1 percent that brushes up against the community guidelines. So what we do is we identify this with, a set of them, with humans, and then we use machines and machine learning to expand, and based on that then we are basically very unlikely to recommend that.”

That led to Kara’s beef with Ben:

“My son, who is 13 years old, started watching Ben Shapiro videos. And he’s like the gateway drug to the next group. And then it goes right to Jordan Peterson, then it goes down and in three clicks he was in Neo-Nazi stuff. It was astonishing. And then I had to listen to it at dinner. And I was sort of like, ‘I’m going to kill Susan Wojcicki first.'”


Then Kara recounted her correction to her kid amid evil Shapiro content on YouTube:

“But it was sort of like, I was sort of like, it feels like, as I said, I think you’ve heard me say this, it feels like all you tech companies have built cities, these beautiful cities, but you decided not to initially put in police, fire, garbage, street signs, and stuff like that, and so it feels like The Purge every night. It’s a good joke, but it is, I’m sort of like, and then I’ve got this kid who’s like, ‘Well Ben Shapiro’s sort of smart.’ I’m like, ‘No he’s not! Not even slightly! He’s clever but he’s an idiot.'”

Here’s more of the convo, from Recode.net:

SUSAN: So getting to your son …

KARA: He’s lost.

SUSAN: No, we can work on your son here, I have a son too and I get some of these discussions also at the dinner table. I think what you’re describing is — and the way we think about it, too — look, there’s a set of content that has to meet the community guidelines. Ben Shapiro is going to meet the community guidelines. I don’t think you’re suggesting that we remove him from the platform. Are you?

KARA: I would, but I can’t. No, no.

Ben was unimpressed:


I can’t help but think there are lots of conservative parents who’d be pleased as punch to know their 13-year-old son was listening to Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson. Maybe he’d like Thomas Sowell, too.

For some Jordan greatness, go here. As for Thomas, I got ya covered here.

Ben’s right here.

But pleaseif you can help it — don’t become a Neo-Nazi.

Aw, what am I sayin’? According to the Left, you already are.

Susan and Kara, by the way, were speaking together at San Francisco’s Lesbians Who Tech summit.



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