UPDATE: Violent Angry Moron Idiot Who Brutalized Berkeley Conservative Pleads Not Guilty




The violent imbecile who viciously and moronically attacked conservative Hayden Williams on the University of California-Berkeley campus in February appeared in court Wednesday. 


Purportedly prompted in part by a banner against fake hate crimes, the bully went psycho on recruiter Hayden, leading to a colossal fist to the face.

Zachary Greenberg is believed to be the angry idiot who suckerpunched Hayden, the brutality and further circumstances of which I covered here last week.

Of course, “believed” is the operative word here. It’s possible he’s been misidentified. But, I’d say, it’s unlikely. [See what you think.]

If Greenberg is the brawler on the video, his plea is absurd.

To me.

But not to Hayden’s attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, as told to The Daily Caller:

“It is customary for criminal defendants to enter a not guilty plea, so I’m not surprised by that.”

There was also this:

“This isn’t his first brush with the court system. He’s had several instances in civil court.”

But he’s clean, clean, clean, according to his own lawyer, Alana Coopersmith:

“He was using the library at UC Berkeley to study. He has a clean record. I realize that many people observing this case are interested in constitutional freedom. I would remind them that one important constitutional freedom is the presumption of innocence, due process of law, due process in a courtroom, not on social media or the internet.”


Like Hayden, Greenberg isn’t actually a UCB student. 

School spokesman Dan Mogulof explained to TDC that the college is like how Nancy Pelosi prefers her countries (here), but not her personal property (here):

“Unlike many universities, we have no walls or gates. We are open, as a matter of law, at all times to the public.”

What college has a wall around it?? Where has Dan been hanging out?

As for the case, there’ll be a preliminary hearing on April 9th. 

For the absolutely astonishing video, please see my initial story here.



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