Shake it Off: Mayor Claims She's the Victim of a Hate Crime; Authorities Investigate, & Not So Much



Darnell Byrd McPherson was aghast.

The Lamar, South Carolina mayor had found herself victim of a racist hate crime: Her car had been covered by a “yellow sticky substance.”


She recounted the scare to Newsweek:

“My husband went out to the car to get some things out of the garage. He says, ‘Somebody’s painted your car!’”

A neighbor happened to drop by.

“They started rubbing it, and it was this yellow, sticky substance. So it was like, ‘What is this?'”

Her husband and the neighbor “started scraping all over.”

“It looked like little pebbles.”

Oh no!

“I likened it as a hate crime because, No. 1, there’s a history in our town of Lamar. … It ignited some fear in my spirit. My God, who would do that? It was something…it was just unnerving to me.”

Therefore, the police were involved.

Oddly, “there there were no words or symbols drawn on the cars.”

After an investigation, authorities found no evidence of a hate crime.

But due to the mayor’s insistence, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division was brought in. They came to the same conclusion as local law enforcement:

The substance was pollen.

Another one bites the dust, thanks to an off-shoot of Step Stupid (here).


But I guess when you have things like this, stories like Darnell’s are gonna happen (here).



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