Hillary Firms Her Kung Fu Grip; If the Mueller Investigation Ends, Will Anything Change? For Anyone?



If political relevance were youth, Hillary Clinton would be a 100-year-old lady with fake lips, injected cheeks, a cheap blonde wig, and the worst facelift you’ve ever seen. Walking around in a Forever 21 getup, using words like “dope” and “sick.” With fake D-cups. D, as in Desperation. And cups, as in her cup of bitterness runneth over. Runneth, as in what she would liketh to doeth in 2020 (here).


And if acceptance of a loss were comprehension, she’d be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (here, here, and here).

But as it concerns her 2016 defeat, is it just Hillary, or the whole of the Democratic Party? They still won’t accept that Trump is president, enough to actually function within that realm so as to get things done (shutdown, anyone?).

During an interview on former Daily Beast honcho Tina Brown’s podcast this past week, Hillary continued to push collusion collusion collusion.


The Mueller madness is supposedly coming soon to a close. Could it be delayed? Stranger things have happened: L. Ron Hubbard was supposed to have returned 12 years ago. Maybe he’s bringing the Mueller report with him.

If the DoJ does in fact end the seemingly unending investigation, Hillary wants the look into Trump-Russia cahoots continue, I guess, until some civilization somewhere at some point in the future determines that she was the rightful winner of the White House.

Here’s some of her goofiness, as told to Tina:

“There is enough grounds in what has already been made public for the government, for Congress in particular, to be doing more with it. And I’m pleased that under Speaker Pelosi, the Democrats are beginning to hold hearings and try to connect some of these dots.”



The former First Lady also offered up some stuff that was, well, if I may say so, really idiotic:

“We are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy…[and when] racist and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and the White House.”

C’mon, Hill.

Why must political attempts so often devolve into statements of imbecility?

Pssst…you’re overselling it, chick.

I covered a portion of Hillary’s appearance on Tina’s show previously. But as of Friday, there was a new sign in the cosmos, a set point for some sort of closure: An Amazon placeholder for Robert Mueller’s greatest contribution to political history indicates the publication date is March 26th. Who knows if that will happen; but the question is, if Mueller completes his mission, will anything change? Will we stop hearing about collusion? About Russia? From Democrats? From the media? Just see here.

I think Trey Gowdy was inadvertently right in August about the entire investigation, when he was speaking about a select group of documents (here):

“I’ve seen all of it…I don’t think anybody’s mind is going to be changed when they read this stuff.”

Still, keep your fingers crossed — hopefully, the 26th will mark the end of a very drawn-out era. And perhaps L. Ron’ll finally return, too. Hillary’s holding to the past with a kung-fu grip; maybe Scientology can help her with that.




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