We Should All be Pro-Child: Tim Scott Slams Democrats for Their Verdict of Death for Born Babies



On Monday, Democrats joined together to murder babies.

I’m not, to be clear, commenting on abortion. I’m talking about blatant murder. Filed under “Crime.” The same kind that would take place if someone stripped a baby from its mother’s arms and killed it.


That’s what I mean.

And it’s that kind of clear infant extermination that Democrats preferred, when the only other option was agreeing with Republicans (here).

Tell me again how only one party is divisive?

On Tuesday, in response to Dems blocking the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, Republican Tim Scott took to the floor of the Senate to dress down his other-side-of-the-aisle colleagues on their verdict of death:

“We are a nation that must continue to value life. And for some reason, somehow, this body missed that opportunity to reinforce that value system before the American public, to say each child born, no matter your state, no matter your challenges: You have an intrinsic value.”

Tim explained that he’d frustratingly missed the vote himself due to a flight delay.

“But what’s frustrating even more than that is that, in a nation of good conscience, that we would be debating, having a conversation about, a child who was born — sitting there: alive — separated from her mother. And that there would be a question of whether or not that child should be able to continue to live.”

The congressman then turned toward the recent evil in New York and Virginia (here, here, and here):

“This is an issue that has raised by comments coming out of New York, and more recently comments coming out of Virginia, when the governor — who happens to be, from my understanding, a pediatric surgeon — suggested that it is okay to allow that child to die.”


Tim seconded my motion — this shouldn’t be an issue of “abortion”:

“I cannot imagine, whether you’re pro-life like I am, or you are pro-choice like others, that this would even be an issue of debate or discussion within the two sides. There is no side on this topic. There cannot be a side about life separated from the mother, whether or not that life should continue to live. This is common sense. This is human decency. This is not an issue of being pro-life or pro-choice. This is being pro-child, which we all should be.”


I could transcribe more of Tim’s speech, but its best experienced by way of watching the video below.

These are dark days in the American legislature. The Left seems to have made a laserlike veer straight to the murder of living, breathing babies. The fact that Tim’s speech would ever need be made is terribly difficult to believe. And yet, here we are. Death, from the party of socialism — a system in no way unfamiliar with the eradication of life across the globe and throughout history.

And we know what history itself does.



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