School Board Orders Elementary Schools to Fly the Gay Flag



Did your elementary school fly flags?

Well, the Greater Essex Couny District School Board recently decided to do the same for its little fellas and fem-ellas.


More specifically, for gradeschoolers in Ontario, Canada, the rainbow flag will flap in the wind — at least for one week in June, which is Gay Pride Month.

You know — for all those 6-year-olds who want to celebrate their sexuality.

Among those who voted, there was one lone voice opposed. Trustee Linda Qin expressed concern that the flag could be “misleading”:

“The kids are so young. The flag may make them confused. I wonder if we’re misleading them about the idea of gender. We want to be careful. [The Board should also] be careful to protect all other parents’ feelings.”

Qin added that schools should be “ideologically neutral.”

According to the Board’s vice chair, Julia Burgess — who introduced the proposal — it’s all about support:

“When you’re in elementary school, and you’re just coming into adolescence, it’s a very vulnerable time. You may not have a lot of peers like you. The Pride flag tells them we have their back.”

Chairperson Jessica Sartori posed:

“Who wouldn’t be proud to fly that flag?”

Actually, here’s how that last line was reported by the Windsor Star:

“Who wouldn’t be proud to fly that flag?” said chairperson Jessica Sartori, struggling with emotion.

She flies it at her home, she said.

One trustee — Melissa Piva — has a son presenting as a daughter. He made the switch when he was five years old.


Do you fly the flag at home? How many, in your estimation, do? Based on that, should elementary schools plant one in front? I want to hear from you — about the video below, as well — in the Comments section.

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