Boston: 2 Grisly Murders Could Have Been Prevented, if Not for a Judge's Stance Against Deportation



Over the last two years, there’s been quite a bit of talk of deportation laws and practices. Here’s a look back at a crime which could’ve been prevented, had the judicial and legal system taken more precaution.


On May 8th, 2017, West African immigrant Bampumim Teixeira was charged with the murders of two Boston doctors.

As reported by the Boston Globe, in 2014 and 2016, Teixeira had twice burglarized the same bank. His sentence for those crimes was 364 days in jail — 1 day short of a year, which is to say, only 1 day short of legal grounds for deportation. Surely the judge had intentionally prescribed 1 day fewer than a year in order to protect him from being forced to leave the country.

Teixeira was released from prison in April of 2017, as a result of the three-month remainder of his sentence being suspended.

On May 5th, police fielded a call regarding an armed man in an upscale Boston apartment complex. Cops shot Teixeira, who was wearing black clothes and black gloves. After taking him into custody, the bodies of Dr. Richard Field and his fiancee, Dr. Lina Bolanos, were discovered with their hands tied and their throats slashed. Purportedly, the walls were smeared with blood. Also discovered were a backpack filled with jewelry and a vindictive note.

As per

Prosecutors said police found two backpacks at the scene, the Globe reported. One, which Teixeira had allegedly been wearing earlier, contained a tactical knife and personal belongings of the doctors. …  A carving knife was also found at the scene.

Teixeira was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, kidnapping by confinement, armed robbery, and one count of armed home invasion.


From the Boston Herald in September of that year:

The man who authorities say killed two doctors in their luxury South Boston condo smiled, laughed and fiddled with plastic-covered paperwork in front of him as he sat in court for the first time since being arraigned for the grisly double murder.

If authorities are correct (at present time, no news of a verdict can be found), this is a gruesome crime which could’ve been prevented, had only a judge been willing to allow a criminal to be reviewed for deportation.

Dr. Field was a pain management doctor. Dr. Bolanos was a pediatric anesthesiologist. See a commemorative video of the couple below.



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