Academy Award Winner Jon Voight Defends Upcoming Pro-Life Film, 'Roe v. Wade'



Not everyone in Hollywood is a left-wing extremist (see here, here, here, here, and here).

Case in point: esteemed actor Jon Voight.

Jon stars in March’s Roe v. Wade, a film which — judging by those involved — is unapologetically pro-life.


In an interview with the Daily Mail, the 80-year-old icon (who looks staggeringly great for his age) went to bat for the film, against its aligned and awaiting pro-choice critics:

“There is so much stuff that has been said about Roe vs. Wade, this decision of the Supreme Court in the 70s. Really, people are talking about it and getting excited and upset, but they know nothing about it. Thank God somebody said, ‘Let’s make a movie about it and show all the aspects.’ The script was loaded with information that I never heard before. It is going to be exciting for people to see.”

How pro-life is it? Here’s a blurb from The Guardian:

With dialogue such as: “We have been in our second civil war for over 50 years now”, “Doctors must protect life … from the point of conception”, and “This is a conspiracy”, Roe v Wade’s trailer leaves no doubt what its intentions are; it also features news items about Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the supreme court followed by the line, “It will flip the decision.”

The film’s writer, Nick Loeb, recently addressed the (thus far) 150+ negative reviews of the film:

“A lot of people do not want to hear the truth, they do not want to know the real story, people are afraid of it and twisted.”

Nick contended the position taken by the movie is neutral:


“We as producers and directors did not take a position. We wrote the characters as they were in real life. If people want to protest against the truth, they do what they want to do. Everything in the movie is 100 percent accurate.”

To Voight, the truth is what it’s all about:

“This moment — it is the tenor of the times that there is a lot of emotion and not an awful lot of scholarship — looking into things and finding the truth. So the thing is to encourage everybody to look for the truth. This will help. And that is why I did it. I said, ‘This is going to help.’ We will all go to school a little bit. Hopefully it will be entertaining too. There are some very good actors in it.”

Who could say no to the truth?

Facebook, that’s who. Back to the Daily Mail:

“Facebook has reportedly refused to authorize ads promoting the movie because the social media network considers the film a political ad. The film’s producers wanted to buy advertising on Facebook but the firm said the ad did not align with its new ‘issues of national importance’ guidelines, according to Breitbart.”

The project is produced by Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda. On Thursday, the pro-life proponent was welcomed to the White House by President Trump (here). That’s one more reason for the media to hate the movie. But something tells me Jon Voight — who won the 1978 Best Actor Oscar and who, judging by an account close to me, is a very nice man — can take it.


Hopefully, American audiences can take the truth.



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