Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal Backpedaling Doesn't Reverse Its Stupidity



On February 7th, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released her Green New Deal. And people laughed — at the document, and at Democrats who praised it. While Ben Shapiro hailed it as “one of the stupidest [things] ever written” (here), Cory Booker imbecilically compared it to fighting Nazi’s in the 40’s (here).


A few targeted American enemies of the directive? Planes and farts (here).

Now, the “lost” representative (here) seems to be backpedaling.

As stated by The Daily Caller:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has retracted and then denied her own office’s explanation of the Green New Deal, a resolution critics say would bankrupt and cripple the country.

The DC put together a video revealing the strange content and aftermath of her quickly-removed-from-her-website plan with no plan, which I’ve included at the bottom of this article.

Note to AOC: In order to accomplish a goal, you have to have 1) an understanding of the current state, 2) a designated new state, and — here’s a crucial part — 3) a viable means to accomplish the transition.

For now, she’s into…well, I don’t know what she’s into.

Meanwhile, we’re looking at a society where people travel on trains rather than planes, fight cow farts, and pay people because they’re “unwilling to work” (here).

I’ll take it: I guess if I don’t have to work, I can afford the extra travel time.

She’s clearly in so far over her head, I genuinely feel bad for even writing about her.

Yet, she’s in a position where — relative to normalcy — the dumbest of thoughts could have the direst of consequences.


Want to see pure partisanship at work? Check out any Democratic endorsement of AOC — whose initials seem to sand for “Absolutely Oblivious Congresswoman.”

Got any more? Please school us in the Comments section below. And enjoy the videos.



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