Cher Sounds an URGENT ALARM: NO ONE IS SAFE in America, Except Whites & MAGA Wearers



I like Cher.

I don’t mean politically crazy Cher.

I don’t even mean 80’s Battleship, Shows-Her-Butt-Tattoos Cher.

I’m talking about Old School Cher. “I Got You, Babe” Cher. That’s the Cher I like. And I like her…a lot.


That Cher doesn’t have a Twitter account.

But this one does:

The 72-year-old left-winger posted GIGANTIC NEWS Tuesday, and it’s startling.

You know beloved Oprah? Despite her $2.7 billion, she’s not safe. Hero Michael Jordan? Not safe either, even with $1.65 billion. Michelle Obama? She was America’s Most Admired Woman in December, but forget about it. Unsafe. Jacki Chan? He knows karate, Judo, Taekwondo and Jeet Kune Do; still, he ain’t safe. Neither is Jennifer Lopez. Or Penelope Cruz. Or Darius Rucker. Or Dwayne Johnson — he’s huge, but he’s in danger. Same for Beyonce. Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria. My 7th Grade teacher. Quick — take these people to safety!!!!

Cher sounded the urgent alarm, via Twitter:

No One Is Really Safe In trump’s America Unless They’re
My Amazing Trans Son
Is Kind,Smart,Strong Loving, Talented,&Patriotic American.
trump “Judges NO ONE By The
The Content Of Their Character”

Somebody save the non-white, non-MAGA world!!!! PLEASE HURRY!!!!

Is this a new Passover? Instead of blood over the door, you hang a red cap?

Meanwhile, if Cher’d like to check out the absence of judgement according to character, she may wanna peek into her own side of the political aisle, like here. Oh — and also here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. And more places than I can point out.


How do I know the Left doesn’t follow Martin Luther King’s edict? Because I have television. I subscribe to the internet. I peruse media sites. I use Twitter. I look at Instagram. And I Got YouTube, Babe.


P.S. One other Cher I like: the star in Stuck on You. I highly recommend it. And her.


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