Dead Wrong? Pennsylvania School District Suspends its Armed Teachers Program



On Tuesday, a school district in Pennsylvania voted 7-1 to end its policy allowing teachers to arm themselves.

The suspension comes amid two lawsuits.


Technically, the months-long policy’s on hold, but whatever the preferred term, if you wanna pack heat while you illustrate the pythagorean theory, you’re outta luck.

Nicholas Boyle was the only board member not to vote for the kibosh. As reported by WNEP, he summed up the original decision this way:

“The board has had the foresight to create a policy to allow administrations, teachers, and staff to volunteer as our students’ guardians.”

Of the two suits, one’s been filed by a group of parents, and the other…guess who? The left-wing teachers union.

The temporary termination of the right to have a loaded gun hanging from your belt while you diagram dangled participles is only in effect until the cases make it to court.

Tamaqua Area Education Association President Frank Wenzel’s pretty psyched about the vote:

“We’re just glad that they chose to make the right decision tonight, to suspend the policy until litigation is taken care of, and we’re just hopeful we can have our day in court and we can prove our case.”

Some parents are disappointed the policy wasn’t outright revoked. Take a ganders at what parent Lisa Behr had to say:

“I am very disturbed by it. This is not what we need in this community. What we need is policy that’s based on what’s best for our students.”

To quote a Navy Seal friend of mine, the majority of schools in America are “soft targets.” Students and faculty are sitting ducks for the most disturbed among us, to easily take a firearm into the Gun-Free Zones and kill away. The Left loves gun-free zones, forgetting that people who are willing to break the law against mass murder are also the same savages bold enough to violate the declaration of a laminated paper sign. In that case, words and laws are no deterrent; force and death might be. But beyond deterrence, a dead shooter won’t be shooting anymore.


What are your thoughts on armed teachers? I look forward to hearing from you in the Comments section below.



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