TRUMP: I Will 'Almost Definitely' Declare a National Emergency to Build the Wall



Donald Trump means business. And Thursday, he got down to it.

Before leaving for a morning trip to McAllen, Texas, the President told reporters that, unless congressional Democrats cave to his demand for border funding, he’s calling in the big guns:


“I have the absolute right to declare a national emergency. The lawyers have so advised me. I have the absolute right to declare a national emergency, I haven’t done it yet. I may do it. If this doesn’t work out I would almost say definitely.”

This, of course, isn’t the first time Trump’s mentioned the idea.

On November 27th, I covered the Commander-in-Chief’s interview with The Washington Post, wherein he revealed he had a Plan B in the event that Dems wouldn’t allow funding for the border (see here):

“Now, if we don’t get it, will I get it done another way? I might get it done another way.”

Then on December 11th, the Prez tweeted (among other things — here) a reference to the armed forces helping out:

“I look forward to my meeting with Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi. In 2006, Democrats voted for a Wall, and they were right to do so. … If the Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country, the Military will build the remaining sections of the Wall.”

That thing he looked forward to didn’t go so well. And since then, we’ve seen a ridiculous gridlock as Dems have painted themselves in a corner with the ridiculous notion that Trump’s border security is racist. So, essentially, the concept of citizenship is racist. So, basically, the idea of countries is racist.


Additionally, Nancy Pelosi pegged red on the Absurdity Meter with her statement last week that “the wall is an immorality” (here).

Honestly — can politics get anymore stupid and shamefully disingenuous than that? Like Trump said, “In 2006, Democrats voted for a [barrier].” He’s correct: Schumer, Pelosi, and Obama supported the 2006 Fence Act (see this awesomeness).

Fast forward 12 years, add idiocy, and you have the crispily-crowned quiche of today’s imbecility. Dee-lish!

So here we are, watching Washington’s tug-of-war over $5 billion.

Dems previously stood firm on no more than $1.6. They’ve insisted they won’t negotiate until the remainder of the goverment is reopened.

In December, Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael, warned Trump that this is his only chance to secure the funds for a protected border (here). I think he’s right.

The President can’t give in without losing a major battle, significant face, and the faith of his supporters. At the same time, the Democrats don’t want to be the immoral racists they portray Trump to be, and that they themselves apparently were before The Donald’s inauguration (Goobs).

Meanwhile, I don’t mind the partial shutdown. In my view, we’d be just fine if a whole lot more of the federal mammoth closed permanently. How about that measure, to appropriate 5 billion?


But don’t shut down the military — it’s look like they may soon be strappin’ on toolbelts and hard hats.



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