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As I look over the stories I’ve covered for RedState in 2018, I have certainly have favorites.

Here’s my list — the Top 34, in the order they were posted. That’s 34 — like the number of the 20th century’s most amazing athlete: Bo Jackson. Anyway, if you didn’t catch some of these, I hope you’ll do that now. Please leave your comments on them below, and let me know your favorites for the year. I anxiously await your responses.


Here we go:


Amy Schumer Virtue Signals Her Way Out Of Her Own Movie

This story is a great study in the absurdity of social justice virtue signaling. Truly a head-shaker.


What Hillary Could Learn From Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush’s 1994 appearance on Larry King Live showcased an ebullient former First Lady with such obvious class. I highly recommend you take a look.


Margot Kidder Is Gone, But The Love Of Superman — And What It Taught Us — Lives On

Hero movies — which is to say, heroes — have changed. This article was an opportunity to harken back to what was, in my estimation, a more virtuous time. I hope you will read it.


Beached Wail, Part 1 and Part 2. This received the most comments of any article I’ve written. It was a perfect controversial story for discussion and debate. Strong opinions flew about. Please read the articles and watch the videos. And join the conversation.


Bye Bye, Miss American Piety

This story was, in my view, such a phenomenal indication of an evolving society. The Miss America pageant made an announcement that revolutionized the entire concept of the competition. Please review it and share your thoughts.


CrossFit Lashes Out Against Humility; Or, Employee Gets Fired For Opposing Pro-Gay Squats

Morality seems to be a declining industry. To me, this story was special because it featured a man who actually cared about something that few people ever espouse. He took a stand against — not gay pride, but — pride in general. We would do well to revisit the intricacies of virtue, beyond the broad basics which guide our cavepeople actions. I hope you’ll read it.



Are We Spreading Political Correctness By Calling It That?

I believe so-called political correctness is a devastating component of contemporary American life. Do you feel the same? This article allowed me to express my view on the matter.


Join Me In Celebrating — George H.W. Turns 94

The apple didn’t fall far from the…wife. See the inspiration that is 94-year-old George H.W. Bush.


Dennis Rodman Wins Me Over In A Tear-Filled CNN Catharsis

There are surely those who don’t take Dennis Rodman seriously. He’s created quite the caricature of himself, from his outlandish fashion statements to his seemingly apologetic defense of North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un. But in this interview, he won me over. He cried as he talked of Trump’s Helsinki summit. Take a look and let me know if it moved you, too.


This Woman Inseminated This Man, So He Could Give Birth Using His Vagina. As You Do.

I couldn’t help but appreciate the bizarre nature of this story. See what you think.


Who’s Your Daddy? Trump Tweets Like A Boss On Father’s Day

I loved the celebration of this article. You’ve got to see the MAGA dance in the included video. Fantastic.


MS-13 Rears Its Head On Fox, The Left Denounce Trump’s Language, And The Martial Artist Of The Deal Chops Away

This was my other favorite coverage of audacious Donald. You have to check out the Kung Fu Trump video.


Complete Idiot Peter Fonda Calls For Rape Of 12-Year-Old Barron Trump And Naked Public Torture Of Kirstjen Nielsen


For me, this was the most shocking story of the year. I still can’t believe it’s real. How about you?


Jurassic World — Hollywood And The Hokey Villain: A Political Deconstruction

This was my opportunity to comment on one of my favorite things — movies. And also, to remark on culture. If you saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, let me know if you agree with any of it.


Trump In 2020? Dennis Miller (And Kennedy!) Hit The Nail On The Head

I’m fond of this story because I like Dennis Miller, and I love Kennedy. Do you? And do you agree with their predictions? Let me know.


Straw Man Argument: Disney Ruins Shirts (Including Mine) At The Happiest Place On Earth

This story is significant to me because my well-being depends upon straws. And I believe this is activism gone way too far — at the happiest, (formerly) cleanest place on earth.


Anne Hathaway Wants You To Check Your Privilege

The disconnect therein is astounding.


Turn Your Head And Coffee — Left-Wing Roaster Shuns Border-Friendly Client To The Tune Of $40,000

This guy seemed so unusual, he stuck with me long afterward. Do you remember?


Twitter Takes It Easy On Alex Jones; Plus: Viva La Crazy!!!!

You’ve gotta see the videos! And I also particularly appreciated some of the comments from you. Thank you.


Doing It Wrong: Steve Martin And Martin Short Think It’s Best Not To Insult Half Their Audience With Trump Jokes

I’m a huge Steve Martin fan. And it’s so refreshing to see comedians focusing on simply being funny.



Bill Maher Tries To Explain Free Speech To His Audience: It Includes That Which You Hate

This was the Left talking to the Left. And saying something important.


Lena Dunham & Fashion Company End Venture Over Shame Of Using White Model (Plus: Hypnotic Shirts!)

Perhaps a companion piece to the Amy Schumer article, this story’s racism and absurdity were stunning.


‘Lost’: Jake Tapper Gives Up On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

As I’m sure many on the Left would say of Trump, her election has altered my perception of politics. It seemed impossible. Yet, it happened. Take a look.


America Needs A Christian Revival

I always appreciate the opportunity to speak on culture. What are your thoughts?


Hideously Dumb And Dangerous: Fascistic Antifa Follows Up On Its Restaurant Harassment Of Ted Cruz

I’m fascinated by people who stand on the hill of words they don’t know the definitions of.


The Skinny On Activism: UK Pulls TV Ads Because The Model Is Slim

To my way of thinking, this ad being pulled because the model was slim is a startling landmark of cultural transition.


Wince TV: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stops By MSNBC And Doesn’t Make Everyone Watching Smarter

I don’t like what I did here. As a writer, I’m sometimes covering a person as much as an event. I’m uncomfortable writing things that seem to be against an individual. In fact, I edited the above title today; I softened it a little. At the same time, she’s positioned herself as a public figure of the highest order; so she is presumably fine with people critiquing the things she says. Given (and hoping for) that, all I can say is wow.



New York Witches Schedule Event To Cast A Hex On Brett Kavanaugh And Other Rapists

This is where we are.


#DefeatAllWomen: Man Wins Women’s Cycling Competition (Plus: The Future Of Sports)

Men are set to make women obsolete in women’s sports, and I don’t understand why people are letting it happen.


WATCH: Melania Trump Has A Message For Those Bullying Her Over Her Anti-Bullying Program

I have a definite soft spot for our First Lady. She’s been so demure, and yet cruelly maligned.


Man Jailed For Making Restaurant Bomb Threat Claims He Was Referring To His Imminent Bowel Movement

How could this story NOT make it? Hilarious.


Despite Left-Wing Turkeys, Chick-Fil-A Becomes The 3rd Biggest Restaurant Chain In The U.S.

Watch the video. It’s my favorite fight of the year!


Condolences To Julia Roberts: The Absolute Worst Typo You’ve Seen All Year

Poor Julia. Typos are the bane of my existence.


Christmas Miracle: Dad Murders Baby, But There Was ‘Someone Watching Over’ Her

This was a truly incredible story.


Those are some of the stories that stood out most to me this year. What do you think of them? And please, in the Comments section below, let us all know what your favorites were. I look forward to reading. Thank you for doing the same this year — you all have been a welcoming audience for me. And I appreciate your time and participation. More to come.

-Alex Parker

Happy New Year


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