WATCH: Jordan Peterson Crushes Feminist Interviewer & Eviscerates the Notion of the Patriarchy




It’s a word much-0verused. Especially in Britain.

But it certainly applies to Canadian intellectual professor Jordan Peterson.


If you’re not aware of Jordan, I’m overjoyed that I could introduce you.

Like the fantastic Thomas Sowell, Jordan has much to offer a thinking America; and in the video below, his gives abundantly.

While speaking with Helen Lewis for GQ in October, he was asked about the terribly oppressive patriarchy. In response came a dismantling somethin’ fierce:

Jordan proposed:

“In what sense is our society male-dominated?”


“The fact that the vast majority of wealth is owned by men, the vast majority of capital is owned by men…”

Cue the Big Brain:

“That’s a very tiny of proportion of men. A huge proportion of people who are seriously disaffected are men; most people in prison are men; most people who are on the street are men; most victims of violent crime are men; most people who commit suicide are men; most people who die in wars are men; people who do worse in school are men.”



“[W]here’s the dominance here, precisely? What you’re doing is you’re taking a tiny substrata of hyper-successful men and using that to represent the entire structure of Western society. There’s nothing about that that’s vaguely appropriate.”


Helen should’ve stopped there. Turn off the camera; everyone pack up and go home. Instead, she tried:

“But I could say equally that most rape victims are women.”

Wouldn’t that be because most rapists — who are, of biological mandate, men — are heterosexual? [Clue: Despite the claims of social justice warriors, only women have vaginas – here, here, and here].


“You could say that…but that doesn’t provide any evidence…of a male-dominated patriarchy.”

I’m wincing. Helen, don’t make another attempt. Back away, slowly.

She doesn’t:

“But there are almost no women who rape men…”

What the heck is happening??

“Well, yes…but that doesn’t mean that Western culture is a male-dominated patriarchy. The fact that there are asymmetries has nothing to do with your basic argument. This is a trope that people just accept: Western society is a male-dominated patriarchy. … [N]o, it’s not. That’s not true.

I could transcribe the rest of the segment, but it’s much better observed. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you brilliance:




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