WATCH: What Fetus? Planned Parenthood Admits It's a Baby



In a surprise move, Planned Parenthood released an animated sex education video last month, wherein they say that mass of multiplying cells in a woman’s stomach is…a baby.


The video asks, “Where do babies come from,” and it’s meant to instruct parents on how to answer that question.

Personally, I prefer “From the stork.”

Shockingly, during the 3-minute directive, at no point is there any mention of a “fetus.” It’s just a baby, from beginning to end:

“You can say ‘A baby grows in a parent’s belly and comes out of their vagina. That may be all it takes to satisfy their curiosity.”

A baby grows?

Then why is it fantastic to do anything to that baby? According to Planned Parenthood, abortions save lives and do amazing things (here, here, here, and here).

Yet in the video, it’s “baby, baby, baby”:

“If they ask, ‘How does the baby get in the belly’ You can say something like, ‘Most women have tiny eggs in a special part of their belly. Most men have very tiny seeds, called sperm. If sperm and egg meet, they can grow into a baby.'”

If Planned Parenthood recognizes the life that is growing, then what of its services?

However, the video does promote what sounds like, perhaps, a bit of moral relativism:

“It’s a big responsibility and a personal choice, and what’s right for one person isn’t always right for another. Kids can also understand that there are ways to prevent pregnancy. You can say something like, ‘There are things people can use that stop sperm from getting to an egg, if they don’t want to have a baby.'”

And I assume the comment of “most women” having eggs and “most men” having seeds is a kooky insertion of transgender activism (such as this stunning story).


Still, for the largest abortion provider in America to admit that what rests inside a woman’s belly during pregnancy is a baby seems like the greatest antithetical statement to their cause. It’s the foundation of what all those pro-life people they don’t like have been saying for years.

If Planned Parenthood believes that the large protruding mass within a pregnant woman is a baby, it may want to reconsider its planetary mission.


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