BOOM! Despite Mueller & the Left, Trump's Approval Bests Obama's at the Same Point in 1st Term



Despite all the buzz surrounding the Mueller investigation over the past…forever…Trump continues to deny expectations and trounce all over the hopes of left-wingers everywhere.


He truly is the Artist of the Deal (here and here).

And the deal is, he’s beating Obama in the polls, comparing both presidents at this point in their first term.

This, according to Rasmussen.

For the last five days, The Donald’s approval has sat just below the 50% mark. That’s 3% better than left-wing saint Barack was doing on December 11th, 2010.

Trump’s disapproval shows as 49%, compared to Obama’s 53%.

When asked whether the survey participants “strongly” approve or disapprove, Trump triumphs even more: he’s roosting on a -3, whereas Obama was clucking over a -12.

This is the second article I’ve written since Trump’s inauguration, whereupon he’s tied or beaten Obama’s approval rating. Yet, if one were to only watch CNN and MSNBC, it would doubtlessly be assumed that all of America is standing at the White House gates, torches and weapons in hand; whereas, during the last administration, all the world was gazing fondly into the eyes of the Leader of the Free World, warmed by his sheer planetary existence.

This week, when your left-wing friends lament the destruction of the earth via Führer Trump, maybe remind them there’s a whole other existence, just outside their fogged windows. And it’s called “Reality.”



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