New Details Emerge in the Michael Avenatti Domestic Violence Case, and Trump Sends Michael a Message



Lawyer Michael Avenatti has made a goon of himself for quite a while, and I can’t figure out why.

He’s perpetually appeared in the media, showcasing the worst the legal field has to offer.


He’s become a cartoonish ambulance chaser with a porn star on his arm and a mouth full of lies, churning out claims he can’t possibly back up.

What’s the angle? Why would anyone take him seriously? His antics may get him attention for the moment, but they’re the kind of absurdity that has a very short shelf life. He seems to be a cross between Gloria Allred, Seinfeld’s Jackie Chiles, and every clownish attorney on Arrested Development.

And speaking of developing arrest, more details have come out on the domestic abuse allegations by Avenatti’s ex-girlfriend, Mareli Miniutti, who filed a restraining order against him Monday (as was covered by RedState’s T.LaDuke).

Mareli, who’s 24 — and 23 years younger than Mike — is an actress, by the way. She most recently appeared in Ocean’s Eight.

Now she’s appearing in court, telling a judge that Michael — who was arrested last Wednesday and released on $50,000 bail — called her an “ungrateful f$$$ing b*tch.” [Here’s the Secret Decoder: $$$ = uck; * = i]

According to court documents, the porn lawer told Mareli not to “disrespect” him. Then things got violent: allegedly, he grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her out of bed. When she attempted to call a friend for help, he took away her phone. Then he dragged her across the floor of his apartment and into a common hallway of the building. Mareli made a break for a neighbor’s doorbell, and Avenatti pulled her back into the apartment.


As stated by ABC News, the dustup left her bruised:

“She says she was only wearing underwear and a t-shirt. Miniutti says she fled and later that night, when she noticed the bruises on her body, she called police, who arrested Avenatti the next day.”

Mareli insists this isn’t the first time Michael’s been aggressive.

Avenatti’s claiming he’s “never abused a woman or committed domestic violence against anyone.” But he also claimed — amid all the chaos (here, here, and here), as a reminder — that he had a witness coming forward who was gonna blow the Brett Kavanaugh case wide open. And then…crickets (here).

[Looking back, here are such powerful words spoken to the Kavanaugh situation.]

Michael’s requested all the security camera footage from his apartment building be turned over to police:


He tweeted Tuesday that vindication will be his:

“When the truth and the facts are fully disclosed, including the security camera footage, I will be vindicated and a lot of people and news organizations are going to owe me an apology as well as money. Completely bogus.”

But he also told the world so much other goofy stuff that didn’t pan out. So who knows. He’s the guy who demanded that Trump and Kavanaugh were dogs and we were gonna all see. He’s the boy who cried “woof.”

Maybe what goes around comes around: At the moment, Michael’s in the doghouse.

President Trump had some heartwarming well wishes for Mi…

…sorry…I had to stop laughing…okay…

President Trump had some heartwarming well-wishes for Michael:



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