Florida Authorities Discover Bomb Al Qaeda Dubbed the 'Mother of Satan'



Holy cow.

An anonymous tip led authorities in Lake Helen, Florida to a bomb being made of monumentally dangerous material by 37-year-old Jared E. Coburn.


Police Chief Matt Walker described the discovery to NBC affiliate WESH:

“We went inside and spoke with the subject of interest, and we went into his room, with his approval, and noticed some bomb-making materials.”

Fast forward to the bomb squad transporting Coburn’s Mason jars full of explosives to a field nearby.

As per a statement on Volusia County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page:

“’It was a shock, it was definitely a shock,’ said LHPD’s Chief Walker, who responded to the initial tip about the explosive material. ‘I’m glad we had the Sheriff’s department and their bomb team at our disposal, because they were very helpful, and they continue to be.’”

The “highly volatile” substance is known as TATP — triacetone triperoxide.

The chemical, in fact, is so deadly, terrorist organization al Qaeda has a special name for it:

“The white crystal powder has been referred to as ‘Mother of Satan’ by terrorist organizations who have used it in deadly attacks around the world.”

Coburn claimed he was trying to make “a firework.”

It’s a sight more than firework-worthy, as noted by Sheriff Mike Chitwood:


“When it was deployed in London, it killed 52 people and wounded 700.”

As police in Florida deal with a situation that might’ve devastated hundreds of lives, the Left are concerned with open borders and pronouns. There are real threats to the country, and the discovery in Lake Helen is a sobering reminder of that fact. But will it — or anything — wake the Democrats? It’s unlikely; and with their takeover of the House, their attention is particularly important.

Regardless of Coburn’s intentions, if he possessed the material, who else does, or might?

September 11th, 2001 focused the nation. We were galvanized, against those wanting to do us harm. But after the photo-ops and public blustering of “America the Beautiful” by politicians jumping at a chance to appear bigger than partisanship before an audience hungry for unity, Washington (and society) largely returned to the status quo (please see here). Vigilance was needed; complacency was attained. Good thing we got Trump — someone who’s concerned with the security of the U.S. But as caravan’d migrants hang out on the top of the border fence (here), security isn’t looking so secure.


Yet, it can be — through elections, and the vigilance of voters. And via 2020 — it’ll be here before you know it. Let’s try to keep certain things out of the American Way. Like, oh, I don’t know…the Mother of Satan.


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