CNN 'Republican': Fox News Performs a Sex Act on President Trump



CNN and MSNBC have odd ideas about what constitutes a mainstream Republican.

Anything Right of the far Left seems to do.

Former Capitol Hill Communications Director and CNN GOP political commentator Tara Setmayer made some pretty strong statements about President Trump, the Republican Party, and Fox News during her October 30th podcast (as reported by Newsbusters).


Firstly, she’s no fan of our (kinda Nazi, but not sufficiently Nazi?) president:

“Just another point for people who are Trump supporters. I don’t think you probably listen to me, but if you do, yes, the white nationalist, anti-Semite who killed those people in Pittsburgh, said that he didn’t like Trump. Yeah, well, he didn’t like Trump because Trump wasn’t Nazi enough, okay. He wasn’t anti-Semitic enough, just like I read from that article in The Washington Post. They said they think that he’s got an issue with Jews. Yeah, well, his daughter and son-in-law are Jewish, but he aligns with us on certain issues and so, okay. So, I don’t want to hear it. Don’t tell me that the caravan talk and what Trump has done and what he keeps repeating, making sh** up about who’s in the caravan, who isn’t, without proof, sending our troops down there just for window-dressing.”


As for Fox, according to Tara, it’s all about stroking Trump:

“It’s not to make the President, you know, feel good about himself like Fox News does, okay? … That’s not the role of a free press.”

The free press doesn’t have a “role.” A free press is simply one which is not ordered by government to report any particular thing.

“It’s supposed to hold people accountable. We do not go out there and deliberately lie. That’s not what we do. That’s not what responsible journalists do.”


So it’s what Fox does? And CNN is responsible? For the tiniest sampling to the contrary, what about this, this, this, this, this, this, and this? How about Jim Acosta, for cryin’ out loud?

Do we get it wrong sometimes? Yes.”


“Are we the enemy of the people? No. Are we generating fake news on purpose? No. Some right-wing sites are, some left-wing sites are, the fringes do that. Mainstream media does not. You can argue if there’s an agenda. Maybe, you know, a point of view which you tell the stories. But we are not, under any circumstances, the enemy of the people of this country, and shame on the President of the United States for continuing to repeat that. Because when you do that, then wack jobs like this guy in Florida riding around in a van with all these sick pictures and targets on political opponents of the President with signs that says [sic] ‘CNN Sucks’ and everything else, decided to take action into their own hands. So, I don’t want to hear it.”

So President Trump is in some way responsible for October’s wannabe mail bomber? That’s being even-handed?

On the same night that she excoriated Fox, Tara’s CNN compadre, Don Lemon, declared, “The biggest terror threat in this country is white men.” The following day, Lemon doubled down.


As did Tara, on Monday:

“If it weren’t for us, there’d be almost no Republicans holding Trump accountable for his BS. … I stand by everything I said in my podcast. … Want to hear what I ACTUALLY said w/out the bias? Subscribe!”

Setmayer’s most egregious comment came as she criticized Fox. As indicated in the tweet above, she accused the Rupert Murdoch-created network of…masturbating the President.

“Fox News jerks the President off every single day. It is political masturbation on that channel. That’s right. I said it. That’s what that is.”


What the heck does she think the major networks did to Obama during his 8-year run? I assume decency would prohibit me from printing it.

Great job, CNN — Your ‘Republican’ pundit really has her finger on the pulse of the GOP.

[Great = Not Great]


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