U.S. Military Lays Barbed Wire in Preparation for the Migrant Caravan



Tick tock.

Good grief.

As covered previously (here and here), a migrant missile is coming. It’s headed our way, Jack!

A human torpedo’s been fired from South America, triggered no doubt by the last several years of lackadaisical border enforcement and the Left’s sanctuary city serenade.


A particularly curious hit on the Democratic album Please Break the Law:

Before Robert O’Rourke decided he was Beto, California politician Tony Villar realized he was Aaaantoooonio Viiiiiiiiiiillaraigosa!!!!

As such, in 2006, the mayor of Los Angeles…

I’ll say that again:

The mayor of Los Angeles…

…was the guest speaker at a pro-illegal immigrant rally downtown.

That’s right — a man elected to government by the citizenry arrived on the scene to promote the antithesis of citizenry and opposition to government.

Illustrating the idiocy of politics, millionaire Tony shouted to the illegal aliens as if he were one of them. He yelled things to The Man, such as, “We clean your hotels!” And the mesmerized masses ate it up.

Is pandering that easy?

The best part of the speech was when Tonio bellowed, “We clean your toilets!!!!”

The result? Thousands of toilet brushes, mailed to Villar’s office.

Now America is on schedule to receive a particularly notable shipment, in the form of tens of thousands of people demanding entrance to the U.S.

Seems like a situation of impending danger.

Enter barbed wire. And not the Pamela Anderson movie.

As three different caravans made progress from the south, military personnel — working with Border Patrol — laid wire along the Texas border Saturday.


According to the Defense Department, 1,000 feet of fencing was placed beneath the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge, which connects to Mexico.

Trump touted the construction to a crowd in Montana:

“We have our military on the border. And I noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today, barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful sight.”

The White House began troop deployment of as many as 5,200 on the 26th (here).

Additionally, 2,100 National Guard troops have been installed.

The first caravan is walking 30-40 miles per day, and some — including half a dozen children — are already (and goofily) suing the the U.S. government to let them in (here).

The tension’s building, and just in time: tens of thousands march to burst through — their footsteps as the ticks of a clock — as days and moments count down to the midterms.

For the Democrats, it seems to me, the impending clash at the border is going to throw the skirmish at the ballot box in favor of the GOP — at least to the point of crushing a blue wave countless miles from shore. It’s dead in the water.

We’ll soon see.

Despite the Dems’ opposition to guns, they keep firing their own. Right at their shot-out shoes.



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