Pennsylvania House Democratic Candidate Says Dogs are Smarter than Cops



Once upon a time, schoolchildren considered police officers and firemen heroes of the community.

These days, according to the Left, cops are racist murderers, drooling from their fangs as they hunt for “people of color.”


Subsequently, we have dolts like Colin Kaepernick (see here and here) taking part in a valiant employment of Step Stupid (here).

Don’t expect Pennsylvania U.S. House candidate Scott Wallace to charter a new course. The Democrat was caught on tape claiming “dogs are smarter than police officers.”

Thought the audio clip was only recently released, Wallace’s opponent, Republican Brian Fitzpatrick, had already labeled him as anti-law enforcement.

They’ve been fightin’ ’bout it — check it out:

The recording — made during a meet-and-greet in July and sent to The Washington Free Beacon — seems to have settled the debate:

The Wallace campaign’s response was no surprise:

“Conveniently, The Washington Free Beacon was unable to provide the full recording – instead relying on twelve seconds of audio from an unidentified time, date and place for their latest smear. … This isn’t the first time Congressman Fitzpatrick’s campaign has engaged in shockingly unethical campaign tactics – this could even be courtesy of the staffer they sent to our events to pose as a reporter. This is yet another smear from Fitzpatrick and the conservative propaganda machine as they try to cling to a seat they are in real danger of losing. Scott has a deep respect for our law enforcement and has support from local and national law enforcement, including Bucks County Sheriff Milt Warrell and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.”


How can you deny the profundity of what he said?

A better question is, “Will Democrats care?” If I had to guess, I’d say not particularly. But maybe I’m wrong.

In the meantime, law enforcement officers aren’t perfect (here and here); but they have one of the toughest jobs on earth. Much tougher than, let’s say, perhaps, a Pennsylvania Democrat. If dogs are smarter than cops, what’s Scott Wallace smarter than?


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